margin:10px 0; } Engineering Transfer Program Eight colleges around British Columbia offer the same program as the first year engineering program at UBC. Select a campus, your province or territory, and the degree you’re interested in to learn what requirements you should be working towards when you apply, and must complete by June 30. Ontarian Arielle Lynn chose to pack up and head west to study at UBC's Sauder School of Business, Apply to UBC by December 1 and be automatically considered for a Presidential Scholars Award, English is the language of instruction at UBC. Select your educational background to review requirements: Quebec CEGEP or high school. } } vertical-align: middle; All prospective students must demonstrate English-language competency prior to admission. The Biomedical Engineering Program is another Pre-Med path available to UBC engineering students. undergraduate admissions. As a UBC student, you will be part of a diverse community that is home to some of the brightest minds in the world. What is your perception of the UBC Applied Science brand personality? What are the minimum requirements for admission to the ECE Graduate Program? float:none; solution seekers. } } This hybrid master’s program combines graduate-level engineering courses with UBC Sauder School of Business courses – giving you the skills and confidence to take your career in new directions. If you have already graduated from a Canadian high school before applying to UBC, you’ll find your deadlines for grade submission on our submit your documents page. height: 35px; High School Requirements for Engineering Engineering college admissions use the standard high school course requirements and then add on additional requirements. ; Choosing a Specialization. .alert-icon { General information about the civil engineering discipline, the program, and admission to the program is given below. .info__content .info-message { Placement to a specialization is based on your first-year grades and a personal statement that is submitted towards the end of first-year. font-size: 150%; margin: 0; } @media only screen and (min-width: 980px) { A list of those colleges follows. vertical-align: middle; in Civil Engineering. Graduate Admissions. We have four research groups covering biomedical engineering, design and applied mechanics, mechatronics and manufacturing, and thermofluids. IB Certificate courses (Standard and Higher Level) may be used in an admissions average if you are graduating from a recognized high school curriculum that can be used as your basis of admission. Canadian high school (outside Quebec and Ontario) U.S. high school (in the U.S. and other countries) High school outside Canada and the U.S. Home-schooled. CHBE 201 is a co-requisite of CHBE 263 (Introduction to Chemical and Biological Engineering Laboratory Practice) so students cannot register in either CHBE 201 or CHBE 263 until successful completion of First year English requirements. Environmental Engineering is a 4.5-year (nine semester) joint degree between UBC and the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC – located in Prince George, BC). Applicants must hold a credential deemed academically equivalent to a four-year bachelor's degree from UBC in engineering or a related discipline. min-height:90px; Admission requirements. Engineering admission average calculation from high school So, I have been taking English 12, Pre-Calculus 12, Calculus 12, Physics 12, Chemistry 12. It is recommended that you complete the Chemistry, Math and Physics courses in the first year engineering STT even if you have received UBC credits from AP, IB or A-Levels for these courses. .info__box { padding: 0; Wikipedia states the acceptance rate at UBC is 52.4%, but this seems completely wrong to me! } Get tips on, UBC-Langara Aboriginal Transfer Partnership, Scholarships and awards for Canadian students, Scholarships and awards for international students, Interdisciplinary and innovative programs, Learn more about admissions for Aboriginal students of Canada. max-width: 1170px; Accredited programs must ensure continual improvement of education and meet the high standards of the CEAB’s members. A completed undergraduate degree equivalent to a four-year University of Toronto program with a minimum final-year grade point average (GPA) of B+ (3.3 out of 4.0 or 78%). .alert-icon { .info__content { General admission requirements. Applicants with more than 26 credits of engineering transfer credit may be eligible for second-year engineering. .info__box a, .info__box a:hover { Not sure? Ontario high school. /*-->*/. color:#0055b7; Undergraduate AdmissionsThe Department of Civil Engineering offers a program leading to the Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) Domestic students make up a significant majority at UBC, comprising 73 per cent of students across both campuses. * AP, IB and A Level credits cannot count towards the 90 minimum credits. UBC Vantage College students who pass all courses in the Engineering stream with an average of at least 60% will be eligible for year two of the B.A.Sc. Visit the UBC Course Schedule to browse courses, save them to a worklist, or view them in a timetable. The credentials are awarded jointly by UBC and BCIT. border: 1px solid #3894bc; Savanna's tips for high school students, as a first year UBC Engineering Student. And then some. For Admission to M.Eng. If you have already graduated from a Canadian high school before applying to UBC, you’ll find your deadlines for grade submission on our submit your documents page. .info__content .info-message { width:100%; If a program is not listed in this overview or if individual component scores are not listed, the UBC standard minimum requirements apply: 90 for the internet-based exam (with minimum component scores of 22 [reading, listening] and 21 [writing, speaking]). } .alert-box { */,