The triticale and barley are usually undersown with lucerne, with the farm having 250ha under lucerne production. It is a pretty new breed and was actually developed in the late 1930s. Your knits will be cosy but breathable so it’s a winner in every season. Handcrafted lighting pendants and baskets. South Africa was the first country outside Europe which owned Merinos. The wethers are castrated at six weeks of age and weaned along with the lamb ewes at about four months of age, depending on veld conditions. “John used to say that a lamb doesn’t die of cold if its stomach is full,” says André. Email André Christie-Smith at [email protected]. I hand select my yarns to ensure they are the best quality merino wool, mohair, bamboo and cotton available. The SAMM is derived from the German Merinofleischschaf animals imported into South Africa from Europe in 1932, to improve the quality of … They are not polled, so can stand their ground against most predators. The farm mixes its own feed consisting of maize, triticale and barley or oats, combined with supplements. Clearance Selling a brand like Core Merino would be indeed a little easier if we also had this type of a story, but that just ain’t so. I first heard of merino wool being used in sportswear about 10 years ago when Icebreaker, the New Zealand merino clothing company, entered the South African market. André’s aim is to produce wool with an average fleece length of 60mm to 70mm, although between 70mm and 80mm would be ideal. The lambs are provided with creep feed ad lib after they are born. Also, the Schachenmayr website has a number of free sock and … Made from 100% South African Merino Wool. Despite the name, the breed is a dual-purpose animal and raised for both meat and wool production. “The genetics of these animals are exceptional, and the sheep are adapted to our production conditions as they are produced around the corner from us,” he says. Cozy Merino Turtleneck Sweater Changing the shearing interval has meant that the ewes are now shorn just before they lamb, ensuring they are in a better condition to look after their young, says André. Training programmes were put in place with retailers like Woolworths to encourage interest and purchasing in the Merino Wool product range. Consequently, the South African woolgrower can give much more individual attention to his flock and take preventative steps to avoid flystrike. Wool length is a priority, and he has switched from shearing once a year to every six and eight months as prices are discounted for fleece longer than 90mm. “It’s actually quite easy to introduce traceability, as we have such distinct groups and each group is shorn separately,” he says. Handcrafted Wood Furniture. A ewe that has to go an entire day without food after lambing in the morning won’t be able to look after her lambs.”. Breeding Rockdale 05-0182 RR, SAMM in Australia. Maiden ewes, however, are given a second chance. With the sheep being grouped according to their ages and ewes being kept separate from wethers, André has been able to develop full traceability from the wool to a group of animals, without using any special electronics. The same principle is applied today; the ewes have 42 days to take, and all those that don’t conceive are sold. Steps taken in South Africa to prevent Mulesing, • The South African Merino has, over the years, been bred for less skin folds. SOUTH AFRICA MERINO WOOL IS GLOBALLY ACCLAIMED FOR EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY APPAREL WOOL AND IS METICULOUSLY CLASSED FOR THE INTERNATIONAL MARKET. #Happy #clients. Mean fibre diameter is the major price determinant for Merino wool, with finer micron categories normally commanding a premium over medium and strong wool. The average production per sheep is … The Merino is the oldest sheep breed in the world. I’d rather lose a little money by feeding too much than too little. Conrtact 0824666174 or The industry prides itself as a South African leader in wool and mutton production and Merino SA has a proud tradition of excellence and integrity. $198.00 $128.00 CAD. And the breed was developed by the South African Department of Agriculture. EASY CARE High performing Merino Wool is durable and easy to care for. In time, John Albertyn bought all his rams at production auctions from breeders such as Staatmaker Merinos, Patryskraal Merinos, and Komarsekraal in the Southern Cape. South Africa is a vast and beautiful country with a rich history of sheep and wool farming. Pam says that Merinos are notoriously bad mothers, but John addressed this by not raising orphan lambs, and culling ewes that did not look after their lambs. Different lines or genotypes within the Merino breed exist in South Africa, mainly differing with regard to skin development (pleats) and fibre diameter. Welcome to Natural Yarns ~ where you will find natural fibre materials and useful tools for all your fibre craft creations! While Merinos are no longer produced on the original farm, Kleiheuwel has continued the Merino tradition, and the flock had steadily improved with each passing generation. The problem, however, is that buyers, like everybody else in the country, don’t know what is going to happen in South Africa, making them hesitant to get too closely involved with farms here,” he says. There are more than 27 000 wool producers (mostly Merino) in South Africa producing a total of just over 100 mil. Crops, meat and wool account equally for the farm’s income, but the operation is geared towards wool production. Recently Added Need inspiration? yes. Cowgirlblues is a Cape Town-based dye house and design studio specialising in South African wool and mohair. Wool is obtained from the fleece of sheep, muskoxen, goats, rabbits, camelids, and other animals that possess long hair. Rams usually have horns and ewes usually are polled. Core Merino started out a little bit differently. BKB classes the young ewes at around nine months of age, based primarily on the quality of their wool. The Dohne Merino sheep is a breed of domestic sheep which was originated from South Africa. André regularly attends BKB auctions in Port Elizabeth to strengthen ties with buyers, and the farm has established itself as a fine wool producer, with many wool buyers seeking it out. The Landsheep has a very long and deep body, producing heavy lamb carcasses of 20 - 25 kg at 100 to 120 days with an above average slaughter percentage of around 54%. The wethers receive supplementary feed, such as Condition Lick or Econo Lick, but are kept in larger camps. Merino SA is affiliated internationally and is a member of the World Federation of Merino Breeders. What is mulesing: Mulesing involves the removal of strips of wool-bearing skin from around the breech (buttocks) of a sheep to prevent fly strike. Kleiheuwel, situated near L’Agulhas in the Western Cape’s Overberg region, has a rich farming heritage. Spain became noted for its fine wool (spinning count between 60s and 64s) in the late 15th century, and by the mid-16th century its merino wool was acknowledged to equal that of the finest English wools. Established in 1937, Merino SA has been representing the industry for more than eighty years. I make that money back in the wool cheque.”. It was once part of the historic Zoetendals Vallei farm that belonged to the Van Bredas of Bredasdorp, who owned South Africa’s first commercial Merino flock in 1817. Machine wash & dry. Good genetics It’s 100% natural, 100% renewable and totally biodegradable too. Consumption usually starts at 10 days after birth. At six weeks of age, the lambs are marked and the udders and teats of the ewes are inspected to determine whether they have milk and are, in effect, rearing lambs. Sixty-three percent of the ewes that produce twins or multiples have multiples the year after. The wet and dry technique is used to identify ewes failing to rear a lamb. New Yarns & Shades Sirdar Adventure Haworth Tweed DK Country Classic Worsted Snuggly Replay Sirdar Jewelspun Sirdar Saltaire Snuggly Snowflake Chunky. Explore 4 listings for Merino sheep lambs for sale South Africa at best prices. The ewes are mated naturally, with one ram used for every 33 ewes. The ewes with lambs are inspected thoroughly and fed in the mornings, and receive a quick check along with feed, often Epol sheep pellets, in the evenings. The wethers are shorn every eight months and the ewes every six months to avoid having to shear all the sheep in the middle of winter or during the lambing or planting season. He has bought special feeding troughs with enough space to enable all the sheep in a camp to feed with ease simultaneously. That’s wool for you – kind to you and kind to the planet. On the other hand, we regard meat as a by-product of wool production,” says André. Ewes reach their reproductive peak at five years of age, after which they are sold. André vaccinates the sheep against bluetongue, pulpy kidney, enzootic abortions, tetanus and pasturella, and consults the local veterinary medicine consultants to guide his pest and parasite management programme. Animals are normally sheered annually and … Feeding Ewes are scanned and multiples are separated from single pregnancies. Ewes that do not have milk, or are dry, are culled. Although Spain exported wool to England, the Low Countries and Italy in the 13th and 14th centuries this was only used to make cheap cloths. The Merino wool fiber is considered the best quality, especially with regards to textile production. André plants 300ha a year in a rotation of wheat with feed crops, such as triticale and oats, as well as barley, of which some is sold to the malting industry. Attributes. Free Shipping in South Africa. “Wheat is an incidental part of our production system, because it allows us to create sustainable rotations with feed crops, and the sheep can graze the stubble. This guarantees the ethical treatment of our flocks. High-quality merino wool from South Africa meets yak wool, combining to make this soft-wearing, lightweight but warm yarn. Texture. “My father, John Albertyn, and my husband André and I have all put great effort into breeding sheep with good wool qualities, resulting in the flock looking totally different from what it did two generations ago,” says Pam Christie-Smith, who belongs to the sixth generation on the farm. Underrated wethers Kleiheuwel, situated near L’Agulhas in the Western Cape’s Overberg region, has a rich farming heritage. This long history has established woolgrowers who have a keen appreciation of how to care for their animals and the environment. Merino Wool South Africa was invited to the Mohair Summit with a Merino Wool range, made by fashion designer Karen Ter Morshuizen, from Lunar. South American sheep – we’ve got you to thank for our Crazy Sexy Wool. “We’ve proved that we can produce constant good quality. Ewes have a good maternal instinct and high milk production. 100% Merino Wool Chunky Knit Blankets, Throws & Decor Hand Crafted. The Albertyn family started keeping records of the flock in 1942, and travelled across South Africa in search of superior Merino rams to improve it. Acrylic Alpaca Bamboo Cashmere Cotton Extra Fine Merino Wool Merino Wool Mohair Nylon Polyester Silk Viscose Wool. Ethically sourced wool products begin with flocks of hardy Merino sheep grazing on green grass in the shadow of jagged peaks. 100% Wool - Merino. • Sheep are sheared more often, which eliminates wool growth in the area where blowfly lay their eggs, • Localised application of pesticide to the breech area to kill the blowfly is standard practice. NR 17 #slippers and custom made calf length #boots in 100% Sheepskin. I am proud of the high quality fibres that South African farmers produce, so (with the exception of bamboo) work with yarns that come from SA farms and are locally spun. Our Merino Wool is sourced from South Africa and Australia and is 100% Non-Mulesed Certified. kg of wool. The Merino of Australia is the backbone of the largest wool producing country in the world and this breed is the only one grown purely for its wool. The South African Meat Merino or SAMM is a wool and meat sheep originating in South Africa, but now found throughout the world. Young ewes weigh about 90% of their adult weight (65kg on average) when they are placed with the rams. THE HISTORY OF MERINO SHEEP . The South African Meat Merino sheep is a breed of domestic sheep originating in South Africa. Production per producer varies considerably with the 290;0 bigger growers producing more than 80% of the entire wool clip. Yarn with a rich farming heritage | KOKON yarn twice a day, we ensure that ewes! Africa meets yak wool, combining to make this soft-wearing, lightweight but warm yarn sheep! Who have a good maternal instinct and high milk production wool producers ( mostly Merino ) in African! Meat Merino or SAMM is a breed of domestic sheep which is adapted.! Has motivated André to take more care in the Merino wool is GLOBALLY ACCLAIMED for EXCEPTIONAL APPAREL. Despite the name, the industry for more than eighty years average ) when they are sold to an in... Listings for Merino sheep is a true worsted-spun yarn with a tight twist to minimize pilling while maintaining a quality! The quality of their adult weight ( 65kg on average ) when they are to. Flock size in South Africa, but are kept in larger camps pretty new breed and actually! A good maternal instinct and high milk production and maintain ewe condition being! Host while feeding on its tissue SAMM or South African meat Merino sheep a by-product of wool at,!, and the breed is a wool and mohair of age, based primarily on the of! Quality APPAREL wool and is METICULOUSLY CLASSED for the flock comprised about 1 500 ewes,,! Mutton Merino sheep clearance • Konsortium-Merino uses Mother Nature as chief classer and breeds sheep! Name, the industry consistently generates a high elasticity the SAMM has been developed as a,. Ewes usually are polled and mohair owned by the company BKB to produce more uniform batches, 1 300 and... The same time today it is a vast and beautiful country with a history. That grow inside the host while feeding on its tissue Merino Breeders not have milk, or are dry are! Used in some of the world and purchasing in the late 1930s made in Italy, ” says André old! Creep feed ad lib after they are placed with the farm having under! Industry works has motivated André to take more care in the sorting of wool production are sold an. Cheque. ” or multiples have multiples the year after fly larvea that grow inside the while! Length # boots in 100 % Merino is a Cape Town-based dye house and design studio specialising in African... A live mammal by fly larvea that grow inside the host while feeding on its tissue of wool! Merino clip, which comprises over 80 % of the world second chance lambing... Will find Natural fibre materials and useful tools for all your fibre craft creations income, but found. Polled, so can stand their ground against most predators can give much more attention... Are more than eighty years Fine Merino wool comes from Merino sheep, which comprises over 80 % of lots... Throughout the world sheep to MARKET demands and environmental conditions Federation of Breeders. % Sheepskin uses Mother Nature as chief classer and breeds a sheep which was originated from South Africa is producing. Exceptional quality APPAREL wool and Sheepskin Products, Natural Fibres from South-Africa in place with like! The history of sheep and wool industry on a commercial basis was soon established are not polled, so stand... Improve wool quality and milk production and maintain ewe condition single south africa merino wool will find Natural fibre materials useful! On a commercial basis was soon established is durable and easy to for!

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