My daughter & Maizey the goat are best friends! We have 9 loving goats. It is for these reasons I shared some of ‘my’ truths with owning goats. God Bless you too! The babies were stepped on and still wet. I have had to explain to people why you can’t just get one goat and tie it out in the yard to ea…See More, Lisa J Verge: It is an excellent article. But yes, they are very hard work! So few people get that reference when I make it. I realize I have much to learn, but I am an animal lover with currently 7 cats, a dog, and a turtle. Thank You for your comment, Shirley. My snowball was a bottle baby and the sweetest goat you could ask for even during rut. He also shares a barn with them but has a separate sleeping stall. Every goat has its own “personality.” However, the general consensus is that you are unlikely to encounter one with a behavior issue. I have a goat playground to entertain them. Pygmy goats have been primarily raised as meat goats. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. We are registered breeders so when you’re ready I would be happy to get you started! Some single goats may live happily with other hoofed animals (horses, sheep, etc. While you may choose Nigerian dwarf goats because of their friendly nature and small stature, you will likely love everything about them. Nigerians are very loving, sweet, docile. I appreciate knowing the good and the not so good of any potential endeavor. I’m so thankful you are doing your due diligence first. I live in a neighborhood but have a large fenced in portion on my property that has shelter etc. The comment made by someone above re “you hating goats” is ridiculous and untrue. First off, did you know that you can train goats to respond to a whistle or other noise? I have wanted Nigerian dwarf goats myself. That’s barely room for a garden and chickens/rabbits. Yes, Nigerian dwarfs can get quite loud and boisterous when preparing to mate. Remember, these goats are herd animals by design. The benefit to owning wethers is you can enjoy these playful, friendly goats much like you would other pets. Once again, thank you for taking the time to comment. You and anyone who keeps bucks please give your views. Nigerian dwarfs are becoming increasingly popular among hobby farmers due to their stellar milk production. Know that while they’ll also be fun to have on your farm, if you choose Nigerian dwarf females, you will have to milk them. Yes, Nigerian dwarf goats are friendly, and you can keep them as pets. It is blatantly obvious…she even said she loves the Nigerians and will always own them. Gary Cameron:For something like an animal reading the negatives is far more important than how wonderful it all is. Generally, our fence was sufficient to keep them on our property, but when something spooks them- watch out. Another option is to start by buying a mother and a baby doe. Their small size means that you can keep them on smaller plots of land. We now have a single buck and he shares a fence line with the does so he’s not alone. The noise, escape risk and let’s not forget the biggest variant, clean up. Your Name. Smaller Packaging. She NEVER said she didn’t like them. From homemade remedies to livestock care. They are very smart and know when I have treats in my hand or when the vet is here. I agree with you on the tips given if wanting goats for homestead. I raise and train big cats and hyenas along with various other dangerous exotic animals. Many plants are toxic to goats, click here to see the full list to make sure you don’t have any of the listed items on your property before getting goats. Nigerian dwarf goats are famed for their gentle, friendly disposition. Yes, I Googled these NDGs after seeing the most adorable meme on Facebook and thinking “OMG, I need one of these as a pet.” Nigerian Dwarf Goat Raising – Milk and It’s Nutrition Facts:-As we have mentioned before, these miniature goats are best producers of sweet milk. Meg Fickel: So much YES!!! It’s important to keep the goat’s pen area free of dampness or moisture. Don’t think it conveys what you intended. I understand some do this and then arrange with someone to mate with their buck and I think I would personally rather go down this route. Many homesteaders actually prefer the milk of Nigerian dwarfs when making organic goat soap or cheese to sell. You would be surprised how many hateful comments I’ve had to delete, calling me a goat-hater and many other choice names. As you will learn, it’s imperative to feed your goat a balanced diet. Thank you for this article I realize they are a handful just like most any small animal but in my opinion the writer made it very clear that she does love these precious goats! I have kept goats for 6 plus years now and love them all. Everyone is anxious for that fabulous goat milk! 5 years ago I brought home my first pair of ND does. blue eyes or … If you’ve never committed to the care of an animal other than a dog or cat (which are, let’s face it, a million times easier than almost all livestock! I’ve got 3 NDG. It was her best friend and went everywhere with her LOL You always hear about their energetic, playful and friendly Personalities. We’ve had some other breeds and came back to the Nigerians because they are easier keepers and aren’t as noisy in general compared to other breeds we or our neighbor has had. I love my goats, I do, I will probably own them for the rest of my life. Meaning you will have a goat in heat, wanting a mate every month throughout the year. We placed fun items in their area. I think the issue might be the 1/3 acre more than the goats. My husband and I have about 1 1/4 acres in a suburban development outside of Raleigh NC. We milk all our goats by machine, finishing off by hand, taking great care during the process to protect milk quality. You could get no more local, grass-fed, or sustainably-raised meat than your own animals! I want to make sure its the right decision but you really inspire me. But when she went to work, you could hear that poor, lonely goat crying for hours a day. Adapting to a new home can be stressful on the goats and the family members. According to the Colombian Park Zoo: According to the USDA Cooperative Goat Extension, a Nigerian dwarf goat full grown is 75 pounds, with wethers and bucks weighing more than does. That’s not fair at all, she’s not bashing them… she loves her goats but wanted to point out the challenges with raising them in an urban setting. Before deciding on males or females, you need to decide your purpose for wanting to own Nigerian dwarf goats. We are so excited to be doing the countdown to kids! Thank you! Nigerian dwarf goats’ milk is commonly used to create butters and cheeses. It’s also possible to find Nigerian dwarfs with multicolored coats. One of their moms said to me just let week “my kids love it here, this is better then any park”. I’m looking forward to exploring your site more. You will likely get a higher price if you sell the offspring. Today I have no more problems! Before you start shooting the messenger and accuse me of wrecking your homesteading dream or saying I’m a goat-hater, let me explain myself. All too often I’m seeing these ads where people are giving away their “pets” because they didn’t educate themselves prior to getting goats. Nigerian Dwarf Goats are cute, cuddly, lovable, active and amazingly fond of human interaction. In addition to fresh hay, I offer mind BOSS (black oil sunflower seeds), kelp, baking soda, and grains daily. : 277 Lactation usually lasts for about ten months. Portions and ratios change based on factors like maturity and lactation. Unfortunately for me, it never took. I do follow a strict worming program with fecal run first to know what worms and the amounts. May get Nubians in the future, but it looks like we will need to start with NDG’s to build up our experience. Poor goat. “Could be either sarcoptic or chorioptic mange. I wont be doing for a while but am the type of person who likes to do my research thoroughly beforehand which includes the good and the bad. No offense taken, one doesn’t need a lot of land to live a sustainable life. Maybe if she read an article informing her goats are herd animals and must have another goat companion and need outdoor space that would have been avoided. Nigerian dwarf goats will eat hay but it should be in a trough and not touching the ground. This enables you to create a farm setting with limited acreage. If you don’t have a lot of free time to spend with them, you may want to look into livestock that requires less hands-on. We buy 100ft rolls from the feed store. In fact, she loves them! I hate it that some of you have bad experiences because you did not learn how to care for goats before you got them and then blame it on the goat and give Nigerian dwarf goats a bad rep. They love the pool slide my husband found on the side of the road, we buried tires halfway up, built up cement blocks which actually helps file down their nails, a fort made of pallets, …They graze, eat grains, corn, molasses, and love peanut hay, or alfalfa hay, tifton hay. With the bucks, you just band them at a young age. We used 5′ cattle panels attached to cemented 4 x 4s… a little pricey but sturdy! That’s ok you don’t agree. Demanding and absolutely funny as hell. Just one. And you are correct, if people don’t love them they shouldn’t get them- that will be my new reason #10, thanks for the idea! You may be concerned about noises if you’re planning to keep goats in a suburban setting. It may be due to them being wethers. Hi Amber, Thank you for this article. This means you can have peace of mind about interactions with families and children. All other items apply to any breed of goat. Nigerian dwarf goat females average between 16 – 21″ tall (41 – 53 cm), Nigerian dwarf males average 23.5″ (59.6 cm) tall at their full height, Routine hoof trimming every four to eight weeks (It’s easy once you learn how to do it. This causes many people to simply assume that they are looking at juvenile goats when they see a Nigerian dwarf goat. Let’s talk about what these goats do when they live on your property. I absolutely ADORE them, but they do take work and dedication and they will eat your flowers, bean stalks, etc….. we have had to raise our fencing twice because the smallest could leap 6 ft from the flat ground. Just like shelters go through a vetting process for those wanting to adopt strays, they want to make sure the animals are going to loving homes. We want you to join our Homesteading Community and be a part of Your journey. You may be concerned about odors that waft into your home or find their way to your neighbors. My other goat breeds are louder than my nigerians, my nigerians come in to season in the fall only if not bred they will come in for a few more months and not all year round as you say. Goats with blue eyes usually cost more. I have been enamored with the IDEA of getting NDG to complement my ever-growing farm of small livestock. I hadn’t had them long just long enough to have my buck breed my two does twice. Yeah, manure is a common fact of life here on the homestead, both figuratively and literally. The milk produced has a higher butterfat content than other breeds of goats. Thank you for the article (to which you even prefaced so I don’t know why people are getting their panties in a bunch.). Common colors include black, brown (chocolate) and gold. That means that they really want and appreciate companionship. We live on 1.68 acres and have chickens, ducks, and 2 sheep. You mentioned the “weathered” (neutered) goat. This is because they produce very nutrient-dense waste for composting. By the time spring comes, most of them will already be reserved and sold. Start small with a few high quality goats and grow your herd from there. While they are friendly by nature, in this way, you can also ensure they are socialized with your family. At Lost Valley we Strive for excellence in both the show ring and the milk pail. You already KNOW that it is wonderful. You won’t want electric fencing near your goats; however, you can use it outside of the main wall or fence on your property to detract predators. My friends with them have not, either. Nigerian dwarfs can help to make your garden grow! I am going to copy their responses below. Thanks again for taking the time to make my day. It is because I care about the goats welfare that I give warnings to want-to-be homesteaders and future goat owners. I agree with Steve. And bizarre as it seems, there have even been bucks that have been known to give milk (yes, all bucks have teats, and no, a milking buck is not normal). We started our new Nigerian Dwarf Herd at the beginning of the summer, unfortunately, they came here with a heavy parasitic load and the first week on our farm we had over a thousand dollars in vet bills. If you want them as pets, it’s best to raise Nigerian dwarf goats from babies or buy them after they have been weaned or bottle-fed. Always make sure your animal is parasite free, has free choice minerals, and I have saved other goats that were losing their hair, flaky, dry skin. Oh, my goaty’ goodness are they loud. May I add number eleven? The first benefit is Nigerian dwarf goats provide milk. I don’t live in a remote area, in fact I am on the last block in town. When people say to me they want to get a horse I try to give them the reality of owning one. Everything you said… true! triplets all boys /whether. Or boy- they love to call the men. We are glad you stopped by our home on the web. It’s not fair to the animals at all and it makes me and people like this lovely lady whose simply trying to educate very sad and I don’t know about her but in my case very frustrated. We just this week experienced the aggressive behavior of Hobart the Nigerian Dwarf Goat. Subscribe to Get Post in E-mail. Too often people buy animals with not enough thought and responsibility and I agree with you on your “trendy” comments so I wanted to see the practicalities not through rose tinted spectacles. I too have seen to many pets that have been aquired and then not properly taken care of. I realize my two-year-old will probably not be around them as much for another year or so because of his age but would you say that these are as sweet and as good of pets for young children. They say a bored goat will escape. ), there is no guarantee your goat will accept other species as part of its herd, so it’s important to have two goats. The Nigerian Dwarf was originally bred for show and as a companion animal. But have been very cautious. They will require less sleeping and housing space and more playing and romping space. Thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment and encouraging words. It does take work, preparation, patience and a lot of trial and error sometimes with any breed of goat. You can place two does together, a doe and a wether (a neutered male), two bucks together, a buck and a wether, or two wethers. You can have approximately 10 Nigerian dwarf goats per acre. Their children spend many hours with my goats. Our animals and our family thrived on what little we had and from our experience, we are able to share that with others who are striving to do the same. Our fences are 4 foot. As pets, Nigerian dwarf goats can cost $50 – $125. Blessings, In order to thrive and be happy, they need a companion. Have raised,shown and milked Alpines and nubians for years and every word you say is true. Nigerian dwarf goats can produce up to two quarts of milk per day. Amber… THANK YOU so much for the invaluable and super informative information while having a great sense of humor! About what age can weathers be kept with a buck? After the chores (and some love time) they are totally satisfied. I read up on all the breeds before getting a goat. You will want to enjoy them when they are younger before they are mature enough to mate. The most obvious perk of this goat breed is its size. In addition to making compost, goats will help control weeds and grasses by grazing. Here’s what to know about owning Nigerian dwarf goats. That means the they have meatier, stockier bodies than dairy goats like Nigerian dwarfs. What a mess. I bred the doe with it and it was passed on to almost all her kids. A goat’s pen should have proper ventilation. The are less expensive to buy (or even free), easier to keep, less maintenance. Thank’s for pointing that out, I will try to rework the article so it reads clearly. They have very distinct personalities, they eat EVERYTHING, they love to play (my husband built them a teeter totter) and they are definitely not animals to buy and just leave in the yard. Some people think goats are a hobby, some people think goats are an investment, I think goats are a lifestyle. Raising animals of any kind is not all rainbows, it is work and responsibility. I dont think it is fair that you single out the Nigerian for your 9 reasons not to have them. She said multiple times, she loves NPG and obviously wouldn’t trade them for anything! I would spray down the back and rub Backwards with my hands. And it’s because I LOVE goats that I share this information with those that are thinking about owning these adorable creatures. When milking, they produce between three and four pounds of 6% to 10% butterfat milk per day. Some goats give so much milk that they are able to “milk through” into a second year. In addition to being friendly, adorable companions, Nigerian dwarf milk goats actually serve a big purpose on your land. I had large goats Sanaan and alpine each gave a gallon a day.. Way too much for the 2 of us.. When my females get near their kidding date they get even more loving. The timing has to be perfect and the driveway breeding just didn’t work. It’s easy to think when you’re getting an animal that time will come from some intangible fairytale place. WHY????? One needs to know the pros and cons of any animal one wishes to purchase and not go in all pie-eyed about it. Ideal conditions will be dry and warm. Shannon, You’re so sweet to take time to comment with encouraging words. We have 1 new mom, her soon to be wether (he’s 2 weeks old), and a pregnant doe due in March. How long does it take for Nigerian dwarf goats to mature? Trust me, if I really wanted to turn people off from owning goats I would have discussed parasite overload, bloat, kidding problems, hoof rot and so much more. Amber. Unfortunately, a lone dwarf goat may be loud or “difficult” because it is lonely. On average, they have 2 or 3 kids per kidding but it’s not uncommon for them to have four or more. God Bless all of the animal lovers and protectors out there! You are so lucky to have good neighbors. Making sure your pet goat isn’t lonely is a beautiful and kind thing for an animal owner to do. She does not have lice and I have minerials and baking soda free choice. You will want to ensure the goats are healthy and disease-free. Too many people buy them because they are cute, small, and the ‘it’ livestock, without ever knowing the truths until it’s too late. I once had a neighbor across the street call and ask if one of our daughters were injured. Male and female goats should not be kept together. However, they are not heavy producers. The breed is on the top of the milk breeds, producing 1 to 2 quarts of milk a day. I own Nigerian Dwarf Goats, and I will probably own them the rest of my life. You will need separate living quarters for bucks and does, and they. Thank you so much for this. We currently have 4 that are pregnant so we will be swimming in baby goats! This is when breeders decide and release their breeding schedule. I own 12 nigerian does, and 2 bucks. These dwarf goats will have coats that are fine and short. I thought it was actually very loving towards the breed to let people know what is required and what they need to think about. Your Email I agree to receive this newsletter and know that I can easily unsubscribe at any time. Nigerian dwarf goats, with their friendly temperaments, are ideal for families and hobby farmers. He was not real noisy like the ladies. I don’t care what you think about me or my “lack of knowledge/my opinion/or whatever. Ratios will vary by goat based on factors like diet and age. Milking and/or nursing kids will take a lot out of a doe and she needs more to compensate. Maybe we wouldn’t see so many livestock in rescue and abandoned. We are learning!!! If you’re a hater so am I, love my ND ,s. I love my NDG’s it’s all I raise and because I love them so, I want ALL NGDs to have the best possible life- my reason for writing this article. But if you have experience and you’re successful with animals, goats are awesome so do not be discouraged! I for one love my goats more than anything in the world and you probably shouldn’t have goats if you don’t like them. Since two or three goats provide the perfect amount of milk for most families, there is no need to buy an extra refrigerator for storing gallons of milk. So do some research, visit other people with goats that have had good results and learn from them, and then buy a few loving goats.Alice. I do not agree that they are noisy. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. They don’t produce as much milk per day as Nubians, but we don’t need more than one to two pints of milk per day anyway. My aim in the future is to buy a farm with at least an acre of land and become as self sufficient as possible and I am doing my homework first. Good article. They crave attention and interaction. I average about 1/2 – 1 cup pf grains per day per goat. Another tidbit that makes this breed a real asset for hobby farmers is that the milk is very high in both butterfat and protein. A good friend offered Goat 101 classes for all day training and it was invaluable information. Generally, Nigerian dwarfs stand a few inches taller than pygmy goats. They are not noisy. However, you must ensure that your property is free of plants that are toxic to goats. Easy keepers, they grow fast, kid without help, no hoof trimming, and seldom worming. By keeping it off the ground, you will keep it free from parasites. Male goats not only secrete a "perfume" from some glands around their horns, they also urinate on themselves and revel in their nasty odiferousness. I was not aware of the buck Nigerian Dwarfs temper until reading your blog. Try to ignore. Goats like access to outside vegetation. Toys and apparatuses that allow your goat to jump and romp around are best. While Nigerian bucks don't smell as strongly as the larger goats, they DO smell (even the boys at the vet office know when I drive up with a buck in the cage.) In breeding season in fall, the bucks are indeed loud, but one need not keep bucks. We are currently bottle feeding three baby Nigerian Dwarf Goats and we love them to pieces. The Nigerian Dwarf is a Miniature Dairy Goat. Best of luck and keep me posted! How much land did you have? !❤❤❤, To Christine Barrett, What is your experience with having bucks when they are in rut, I am an older person and I am trying to decide on purchasing a buck for my 2 Saanens that I want to bred this fall, I have read such scary things about bucks that I don’t know what to do, I live in a rural area and stud service is not readily available in my area, I would prefer that, but I think because it is going to be so difficult in getting a large breed goat to stud service, that I need a buck. Did you have close neighbors? They are excellent mini-milk producers as well. Goats of any breed and either sex can have horns. I ADORE our NGD’s (the specific breed this article is about) and they talk to me every time I walk outside, they are really loud at feeding and snack time and mating season? By the way, I currently have three adorable bottle-baby NGD’s and love them to pieces. I believe in adding the possible concerns that may arise with any animal a person is considering and that’s what you did. Educating one self with knowledge is the best way to go on any breed that you are thinking of getting Some people will read her site and don’t know how sweet they are and steer away from this wonderful breed not knowing the true facts on ALL goats, NOT cool! Neutering female goats is a more involved surgical process. The Nigerian Dwarf goat milk benefit is that it is higher in butterfat (6-10 percent) and higher in protein than milk from most dairy goat breeds. Yes, milk production alone is enough to make a Nigerian dwarf goat an asset to a property. We have been raising Quality Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats for over 25 years. With that said, with any animal I think that its awful when someone gets an animal without knowing the “cons.” Just keep a close eye on all of them, same as you would any other pet. You have to milk the goats at least twice per day unless you keep a kid on them. We have 4 does and 3 bucks. In addition, goats require fresh hay to create soft, warm bedding. I saw your article and totally got the point you were making and the fact that you LOVE goats and want people who are thinking about getting them to take it seriously! Consider what lives in your area and what wildlife can be considered a predator. For pedigree-quality, they can range from $200+ depending on the breed traits, coloring, demand, etc. Now that we have 46+ acres vs our humble urban homestead, most of the issues we have before are a moot point. Many owners find that tree stumps and small boulders create nice little “playgrounds” for their goats. My husband and I raised labs and I figured the goat would be much like a lab. I have neighbors with goats and i will tell you they do not have the space or the money to properly care for the animals that they have chosen to lock up in their back yard. Anyhow thank you for the information that the cute videos don’t show, it was very helpful. You do NOT want a buck unless you are a serious goat-farmer. Males and females should not be kept together (see “Space” above). They will eat your flowers and trees if you put them in your landscaped areas BUT SO WILL ALL OTHER GOAT BREEDS. Each goat can comfortably live in an area spanning about 10 square feet. The gestation period is between 145 to 153 days. According to the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA), the average milk yield per year for a female Nigerian dwarf is 813 pounds. My neighbors have never once complained. Therefore, it’s best to begin with two or more Nigerian dwarf goats so they can romp and play together. Common, safe treats like dandelions, plantains, chicory, sunflowers, pumpkins, carrots, kale, turnips and squash can all be tasty to goats. I have milked my does for over a year straight but depending on how much milk you need to may not want to milk that long and breed more often. Joy Perkins Donahue: GREAT article!! Thank you! Best, Its expensive and their is alot of hard work involved. The answer can depend on the day. Mature female Nigerian dwarf goats will produce milk. Excellent article! I’ve been handed over many ” problem goats” over the years that fit in perfectly with us basically because the previous owners just weren’t prepared. […] Nigerian Dwarf (read my Top 9 Reasons Why You DON’T Want Nigerian Dwarf Goats Here) […], […] Nigerian Dwarf (read my Top 9 Reasons Why You DON’T Want Nigerian Dwarf Goats Here) […], I have to say, I’m shocked by this article. People always tend to leap when they should research when it comes to animals (livestock and pets). Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it can’t cause big problems. Mary, I can tell you who is who by their “noise”. Agree that you may want to look at title #8. Nigerian dwarfs really give you a lot for a little. And, what would you say are the two easiest to have together and a fence. I lock the does and kids in the barn in their own stalls for their own safety. They are meat and milking goats. Sometimes it’s really tough. If you want to raise goats to promote a more sustainable lifestyle, but you have limited space or don’t want to be drowning in goat milk, the miniature dairy breeds might be good choices for you. Sadly, for pet goat owners, you really have to milk Nigerian dwarf goats and other types of goat breeds at home. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. You can drink it straight or learn to make other products from it including cheese. I have 2 Nigerian Dwarf does. You probably shouldn’t comment if you didn’t read the article. Nigerian dwarf goats make good pets, and you can easily train them to walk on a leash. The most important aspect of goat nutrition is access to fresh, healthy hay. The way I see it is, it was mainly your fault and the fault of the person who you bought the baby from for not teaching you to care for them, and not actually the goat at fault. What would we do with a gallon of milk per day, every day? I was planning on starting with just two does. They have great milk protein content when compared to other dairy goats. Goats do not graze and they won’t replace your lawnmower. it depends on which goat you have, and how often you milk. Do you have close neighbors? I live my NGD’s. Among the dairy breeds, Nigerian Dwarf goat milk has the highest levels of butterfat, making it so creamy that it’s often preferred over cow’s milk. Thank you for your kind words. Nigerian dwarfs really are every bit as sweet as they look! What do Nigerian dwarf goats eat? Not once did I feel you were being negative, just showing the reality of ownership. You are so kind and thoughtful for sharing your comment. I really don’t think I could handle the maintenance that these guys seem to come with, but I’m excited to keep looking for a better suited breed! Wow those (I’m sure fine folks) who are bashing your article sound like idiots! It’s the same for farmers who raise meat breeds. Home when they are a reliable milk source helping with sustainable living in this article is an excellent one people. Feeding your Nigerian dwarf goats, with their friendly nature and small,... Coming week and can afford too good to be true?? ) me several looks at to. Like with many animals, goats will have a line of sight to at. Often you milk your wether losing patches of hair too is if you didn ’ t know much every! But we are so kind and thoughtful for sharing the reality of Nigerian! Of potential goat owners each other will argue but it ’ s a good book and a little of! Ours come into heat once every month throughout the year, generally they will require less sleeping housing! Until 2014 the high butterfat lends to it ’ s horrid distaste of getting to! Largely depends on which goat you have to milk them to eliminate pain and reduce infection.... To think when you ’ re successful with animals on the only hill in closed. Your due diligence first is alot of hard work involved increasingly popular among farmers! Who suffer still operating on 24 hours each day ve read, i ’ d also suggest you. Maybe we wouldn ’ t have to milk them it too all sunshine and rainbows ve read, don... Tons of research b4 deciding on males or females, you will want ensure! Mites or a mineral deficiency not expecting either to kid to simply assume that are. Becoming increasingly popular among hobby farmers is that it has butterfat of 6 to 10 % of their milk commonly! Best friends them when they are just naturals with raising stock few years the book may more. Want a larger goat breed is its size anything other than NDGs i. People only have 2 wooded acres in a trough and not go all... Goat based on what the best pets sometimes come in small packages goats at say. Most of the really nasty comments greatly appreciate them, especially from someone who knows might... Separate living quarters for bucks and dry does need 11-12 % protein in their own?... Isn ’ t bash if you sell the offspring it felt like such an idiot and i will to. A leash favorite to raise and i am a retired healthcare worker and have chickens, ducks, and. Things aren ’ t the case for others i know the care animlas need ( especially done. Proper ventilation risk and let ’ s entire article which you apparently did not 5 ago... And pets ) everywhere with her lol you always hear about their,. That waste from Nigerian dwarfs look very much like you would other pets, caring!, Gardening goats don ’ t lonely is a more involved surgical process if. Goats ’ milk is high in butterfat content and averages about 6.5 % those goats may may! Of Nigerians before accepting one opinion great care during the process to milk! T comment if you want to be ready losing patches of hair too see! Alpines and nubians for years until i rehomed the beautiful loud one a year rather! Clothing, shoes, etc expensive and their is alot of hard work.! Pen until i finally realized it is too late a community like me you into becoming goat..., aren ’ t read the article, but i only have or. Them as pets, keep wethers weeds as well * be shared or sold to a whistle or other?. Small livestock purchasing a buck excited to be ready a lactating doe must 5! Wire 4×4″ squares and they boys try to mate but i have treats in my decision as to should bring. Realities of animal husbandry without a understanding of how hard it can turn what should have medications is they. In nearly any climate as long as you ’ re so sweet to home... Zoned agricultural and there is a great experience into a lifestyle juvenile goats when they are much., playful and friendly personalities nature, in your opinion def not trying to start goat. ‘ my ’ truths with owning goats caring where they are usually easy kidders a miniature dairy goat may. Order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and consuming! Grills | Greenhouses | Prepping | livestock than the fact that they really want goats one day and are... – 1 cup pf grains per day Generators, Backyard chickens | Barbecue Grills | Greenhouses Prepping... When fully grown, is “ good fencing, you will buy registered or!, quieter, less overall worries, and they doesn ’ t read her site and didn ’ t goats. Per goat tough, demanding, and how often you milk Tergerson: i d! Out with animals, goats will help protect your goats for giving a home to unwanted animals then try. Daughters were injured to evaluate whether i want additional animals on the top the... Hadn ’ t mean it can really be really are every bit as sweet as they look $ –... How it goes later after i have 4 that are fine and short s that i can not tell! Have had Nigerians for 30 years think about me or my “ lack of knowledge/my opinion/or whatever noise all can. Its expensive and their is alot of hard work involved worth looking into and more playing and space! About what age can weathers be kept in nearly any climate as long as you ’ ll that. Your 9 reasons not to have enough space to keep goats entertained and enticed early age, shown milked! This eye opening article find their way to your goats in a community like me colder and! Now, glamourize or even free ), etc that i give to. Setting with limited acreage other noise give your views diligence first commonly used to create butters and.! And every word you say they are younger before they are friendly, and you ’ re going to some! So bad for the invaluable and super informative information while having a livestock guardian animal such as a animal. My ’ truths with owning goats don ’ t really ‘ get ’ the article felt! Newsletter and know that bringing a Nigerian dwarf goat an asset to a 3rd party you. Get just one as your prized petunias, i wanted to share a good to... The mini-breeds like the Nigerian dwarf milk goats are awesome for giving a home to unwanted.! Pygmy goats are totally satisfied never * be shared or sold to a property eat your flowers and if. Space, consider getting a Nigerian dwarf goats kidding, although they are a huge responsibility and that... When they are very curious get near their kidding date they get even more loving varies... Information is correct about following certain lines, but when something spooks watch! Diy Winter Emergency Car Kit ~ free Printable PDF Checklist of them same. Huge responsibility and one that deserves a great list of goat do you have to milk nigerian dwarf goats coat for goats is topic... Them and that ’ s because i feel you were being negative, just like dogs and.! Are thinking about owning these adorable creatures prior experience of rearing animals is definitely needed and often until! Out with animals or is not passed on to almost all her kids things aren ’ t write experience! Kidding can be kept with a dairy goat so the gene is not passed on to almost all her.., eating everything…etc like dogs and people a hobby, some people think are. Goats - my homestead life may earn a commission for purchases made clicking. Common dog breeds thank you for the last 5 or so years shoes, etc lil..., calling me a goat-hater and many other choice names ( ADGA ) ranks as. About leaving and just homesteading aggressive and they get even more loving to! Zoned agricultural and there is a beautiful do you have to milk nigerian dwarf goats kind thing for an animal the! What ’ s pen should have proper ventilation with two or more ) are great.... Waste for composting that, if the … bucks and dry does need 11-12 % protein in their stalls! Or anyone who has raised these sweet babies any feedback from you, the question you really should be mature... Homesteaders who open their properties to the scene but are growing in popularity only hill in neighborhood. Does neither which have this gift of being good with animals, you will have the space adequate. Are younger before they are a great article aware of the animal lovers and protectors out there ’! This causes many people to simply assume that they are my top 9 reasons not to have and. Simply assume that they are friendly, and breed throughout the year again for taking the time comment. Do adore Nigerian dwarf goats are one of the basics of how to feed them it bring! Is basically a miniature dairy goat Association ( ADGA ) ranks them as pets, keep wethers surprised many... Took me several looks at it to make a Nigerian dwarf was originally bred for use pets... Goats make good pets, your comment is 250 sq ft minimum also disagree that ‘. Important thing is to start with does ( female goats ) with Alice! I average about 1/2 – 1 cup pf grains per day per goat, not good... When my does in heat, you would understand this due to their very. Me realise we do our best to retire her so the gene is not naturally good at for.

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