Rick Steves on the Cinque Terre, the Riviera of Italy. About two thousand years ago Roman soldiers executed Jesus of Nazareth. The Nazis started putting their anti-Semitic ideas into action as early as April of 1933, when they organized a boycott of Jewish businesses. Rick Steves grew up in … Francesca: Mussolini built this stadium to promote Rome for the Olympic Games, but also to promote sports and physical prowess as key elements of fascist ideology. The idea? And it will be a strong — a powerful — system that can achieve complicated goals. With their "Final Victory" seemingly inevitable, the Nazis tightened the screws within their own society. He was given extraordinary powers to temporarily suspend democratic procedures in order to get things done. Future generations have a responsibility to keep those lessons alive. And in this special program, we'll learn from the hard lessons of fascism in 20th-century Europe. Really enjoyed these off the cusp towns/places. Alfio: So, Italians are happy at that moment because they'd come from the pure chaos of 1918–1919 to having jobs, and having a society that "apparently" works. And now he has a new batch of shows. Despite having the term "socialist" in the party name, Hitler was a friend of industry. Where's Rick; Rick's Travel Blog; Explore Europe; Our Tours; Travel Tips; Watch, Read, Listen; Travel Forum; Shop Online; Rick Steves' Europe . Holger: Hitler was one of the earlier politicians to really make use of mass media that was just coming on, which was the radio. Hitler may have been locked up in prison, but he was tapping into ideas that had already been percolating in places around Europe. It was from here that government employees managed the Nazi state and dispassionately coordinated its most ruthless activities. These were gangs of, in most cases, veterans of the war. Today, the stark remains of this massive gathering place are thought-provoking. Rick Steves also produced a documentary special, “Luther and the Reformation” in honor of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Rick Steves' Europe. From our perspective in 2018 — with extremist movements on the rise on both sides of the Atlantic — watching this special program is an hour well-spent. The Spanish artist Pablo Picasso heard the shocking news and immediately set to work sketching the destruction as he imagined it. It's designed to cause people to think and to ponder this horrible chapter in human history. Walk through rooms where, for two years, eight Amsterdam Jews hid from Nazi persecution. Today, it has been symbolically cut open by its modern entryway — exposing the guts and brains of the Nazi movement. But there was a dark side to all this Nazi conformity. And Hitler finished his life here in Berlin. He speaks quite quickly sometimes,so he may be hard to follow for some people. And so there was that and all the veterans coming back having fought in the trenches — for what? Andreas: He specifically blamed one group, the Jewish people, for ruining things for everybody else. Andreas: A little boy in 1935, when he looked at Hitler, he would see a god-like person. The thoughtfully designed exhibit offers thorough coverage of the Frank family, the diary, the stories of others who hid, and the Holocaust. Riding up the elevator to Hitler's mountain-capping Eagle's Nest retreat on a mountaintop in Bavaria, I noticed the precision of the stonework. Sorry to interrupt my reports from Europe, but there’s big cinema news coming out of the USA that I just have to share. Rick Steves' Europe is public television's most-watched, longest-running travel series. He owns a tour company but does not do tours to Cuba.I saw this presentation in Person and did get some erroneous impressions of Cuba before my first trip. Fascism was now taking root in Germany. Home / Blog; Posted on June 11, 2014 August 6, 2015 by . In Germany, Nazi criminals had to face trial. He created this grand "Boulevard of the Imperial Forum" for stately and military processions between the Colosseum and his office in Piazza Venezia. In Picasso's masterpiece [now at the Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid], a woman looks to the sky, horses scream, a soldier falls — body shattered, sword broken. It's felt in the German concentration camp memorials. On the windswept Isles of Iona and Skye we'll wander through Iron Age forts and a venerable distillery. See more ideas about documentaries, history videos, rick steves travel. Francesca: What I understand now is that it was like a collective dream. Holger: I think, you know, bigger corporations — the steel industry in Germany for example was a big one — they were afraid of communism for sure, but they also actually supported Hitler, because it was easier for them to make their business within a stable government. Holger: If I ask myself "could it happen again?" Experience Greece, Turkey, Israel and Egypt with Rick Steves, best-selling travel author and host of public television's Rick Steves' Europe and public radio's Travel with Rick Steves. Mussolini loved big rallies, and from his balcony, offering big promises and simple solutions to complex problems, he whipped his followers into a mass frenzy. Travel experiences are like seeds that grow in ways impossible to predict — like producing a TV special called "Rick Steves' Fascism in Europe," debuting fall 2018 on public television across the USA. Then we'll wander through Blenheim Palace and visit the Industrial Revolution at Ironbridge Gorge. Up to a thousand people — each tattooed with an ID number — were packed into each of these buildings. Andreas: Hitler promised the people everything, everything they wanted. Nazi documentation centers in major cities [such as Nürnberg's, shown here] tell the story. Because it was in this corner of Bavaria that Hitler claimed to be inspired and laid out his dark vision, some call Berchtesgaden "the cradle of the Third Reich.". Season 10. And the people followed. The book is one of the most published books in history, and every German household had that book. A disaster like this (which many historians believe was actually the work of Hitler's people), is an answer to an aspiring dictator's prayer. Georg: All people who tried to make it any different in their private life, in their professions, in the way to express their opinions — they all had to be stopped. As they entered these work camps, prisoners were greeted with a sign over the entrance: Arbeit Macht Frei — work makes you free. Season 9. ", Alfio: Mussolini's ego is…immense. Just watched this documentary on the fate of Art during World WarII and it was very moving. With its Altar of the Fatherland, it was designed to celebrate the greatness of Italy. Georg: What he was telling people was a disaster, but the performance he delivered was a big artistic show. Some people may find it enjoyable. Island-hopping to Santorini, Mykonos, and Rhodes, we'll tour ancient ruins, sample rustic cuisine and compare beaches. And both great fascist commanders met gruesome ends. In 1923, in a beer hall like this, the original Nazi leadership gathered their followers. ​Rick: Believe, obey, fight. Rick Steves' Europe: Greece, Turkey, Portugal Blu-ray disc Travel Documentary Condition: Like NewDetails: DVD and case in like new condition. The show is produced by Back Door Productions and Oregon Public Broadcasting and distributed by American Public Television. Mussolini's "Stadium of the Marbles," part of the sports complex called the Foro Italico, is adjacent to Rome's modern Olympic Stadium (which now hosts soccer games most weekends except in summer). Their nation was humiliated with especially harsh terms of surrender — including an Allied demand for Germany to pay costly war reparations. Francesca: There was great disappointment — even the fact that Italy was on the winning side — it felt like it didn't get enough out of the peace treaties. Travelling or based outside United States? It's the big hero. We'll stroll Lisbon's waterfront and back lanes, and hear some soulful fado music. "Everyone's chomping at the bit to get going again, but I'm just not in that mood at all," he said. At the D-Day memorials in northern France [such as the WWII Normandy American Cemetery, shown here], we try to appreciate the sacrifice it took to defeat the hateful ideology and re-establish freedom. The text accompanying his documentary reads as follows: In this one-hour special, Rick travels back a century to learn how fascism rose and then fell in Europe — taking millions of people with it. He promised them a bright future, he promised them work, he promised them Lebensraum — "living space"…. You can see the dates they were arrested, sent to concentration camps, and executed. Democracy is fragile. It was a brutal war between classes and ideologies, dividing both villages and families. Report × Report This Video. Hitler, who believed he would create a new civilization based upon fascist values, modeled this building after the ancient Roman Colosseum…but [it's] even more colossal. Travel expert and faithful Lutheran Rick Steves came along as on-camera host. As we've seen through the story of fascism in Europe, charismatic leaders rose to power through the democratic process and then seized extra-constitutional power by unlawful means. But there's something about it — this monolithic starkness it has — that also reminds us that fascist ideology requires individuals to give everything up for the State. Rick Steves Tours. But that attempted revolt, called the "Beer Hall Putsch," failed. Visiting Germany, Italy, and Spain, we talk with Europeans whose families lived through fascism. Thanks for joining us. Mussolini was an actor and when he eventually showed up in that window, and he stood in his typical posture, with his imposing chin, for Italians he was the personification of a greater Italy. Barstow native, Rick Steves is best known as a host of a long-running travel documentary series, Rick Steves' Europe, which airs on the PBS network. Another stage set for this propaganda show was Hitler's mountain-capping Eagle's Nest. They dressed in intimidating brown-shirt uniforms, roamed the streets in gangs, and wanted to restore Germany's national pride. Explore Europe with Rick Steves' travel guide to the best destinations and recommended sights, things to do, tips, and videos along with much more travel information. In the center of Rome, capital of Italy, stands The Victor Emmanuel II monument. I also have old VHS copies of the 1994-98 PBS/BBC "Great Railway Journeys" series. And the people who lived through Europe's fascist nightmare — the destruction of Europe, the Holocaust, and the ultimate, heroic Allied victory — are like flickering candles keeping the memory of those dark times alive. His visits were lovingly filmed to show him as the embodiment of all that was good about Germany: healthy, vigorous, respectable…everyone's favorite uncle. Hitler proceeded to consolidate his power in the most ruthless ways. Rick Steves is a travel guidebook author and tv host known to millions. The German equivalent of congressmen and senators, they were silenced. A special badge, the yellow Star of David, went to Hitler's lowest of the low: the Jews. Join writer and host Rick Steves as he experiences the local culture, cuisine, and fun in some of Europe's most interesting places. But the democratically elected government fought back, and the nation descended into a bloody civil war. Not the first places that come to mind when you think of Europe but absolutely gorgeous! This excellent museum meticulously traces the evolution of the National Socialist movement. Rick: This is an impressive stadium. The sweeping impact of fascism can be felt to this day in the many memorials across Europe that remind us of those horrific years. A Communist needs an enormous bookshelf — he needs to start with Marx and Engels; he goes through Lenin; he has dozens of books up until the present day. To start a new topic, return to our travel forum to select a category. An updated version of an earlier show i think he did on the British Isles from before. That's one reason it was a favorite of Hitler's to showcase his nationalistic pomp and pageantry…to inspire all of Germany to get on board. Rick Steves is America's leading authority on travel to Europe and beyond. Alfio: They were going ballistic — even for a hand gesture, or a facial expression. These powerful sights — the physical remains of that period — inspired me to weave their important lessons into this one-hour special. Rick Steves is a travel guidebook author and tv host known to millions. Travel expert Rick Steves spoke with Boston Public Radio on Monday about the future of the travel business now that COVID-19 vaccines are available. Andreas: Corporations would support the Nazi government of Germany because it was good for their profits. He lined it with imposing statues of emperors. You do not trust anybody any longer after the burning of books. In 1939, Germany invaded Poland, and World War II began. Rick Steves does a popular travel show on travel to Europe which runs on American PBS stations. They said, "We should be running the planet; we just can't do it because of the conspiracy, the Jewish 'world conspiracy,' is in the way. Not in 10 years, but now. Our tours attract fun, flexible folks who often remain friends many years after their "farewell" dinner together. In 1939, Hitler and Mussolini signed a treaty creating what they called the "Pact of Steel." Shortly after this TV special was filmed, the Spanish government announced plans to exhume Franco's body for reburial in a more modest spot. About two thousand years ago Roman soldiers executed Jesus of Nazareth. This time we're exploring the Holy Land — Israel and Palestine. Explore Europe with Rick Steves' travel guide to the best destinations and recommended sights, things to do, tips, and videos along with much more travel information. And if you take freedom for granted, you can lose it. Even for there to be an electorate that is capable of thinking independently, you need that electorate to be educated. Hitler and Mussolini, who mistakenly believed Franco would join their fascist alliance, threw gas on the fire. Alfio: People didn't have a choice to accept Mussolini as their leader. While in prison, he wrote Mein Kampf (or "My Struggle"), which preaches his message of uniting all ethnic Germans and giving them more space to live. He owns a tour company but does not do tours to Cuba.I saw this presentation in Person and did get some erroneous impressions of Cuba before my first trip. Jim Parks edited the footage. This alpine getaway, just south of Munich in Berchtesgaden, was used to soften Hitler's image against a majestic, almost theatrical backdrop. Rick Steves is a famous American author and television personality. Georg: So Hitler promised jobs, jobs, jobs, to everybody, and of course people needed jobs. The efficient and heartless bureaucracy behind Hitler's crimes gave rise to the expression "the banality of evil.". Mussolini championed the revival of the glory of ancient Rome. 2.7 million of those died in death camps. American travel authority Rick Steves … Mussolini: …è già stata consegnata agli ambasciatori… ["it has already been delivered to the ambassadors…"], They interrupted his speeches with chants of "Duce, Duce, Duce" — "leader.". the bravery of the French and other countries. Alfio: Costruire, costruire, costruire. And 30,000 Jews were arrested and put in concentration camps. He is also widely known for his travel guides and … Rick's Travel Blog. Germany was booming, and building up its massive military — blatantly breaking the Treaty of Versailles, which ended World War I. Thanks for joining us. Although there's no clue in the title, it was filmed in Sicily, at Mondello Beach outside Palermo. A community for Rick Steves tour alums, first-timers and future tour members. See more ideas about documentaries, history videos, rick steves travel. Rick Steves does a popular travel show on travel to Europe which runs on American PBS stations. While Spain stayed out of the war and its dictator Franco would remain in power for the next decades, it also paid dearly — left isolated from the world community and behind the times. It doesn't exist in any aspect. Thomas: Imagine — 50,000 leading Nazis in here. He also hosts a public radio travel show called Travel with Rick Steves and has authored numerous travel guides. Georg: They didn't have the money. Goebbels used every means available to him. While democracy was restored to Western Europe, it easily could have been lost forever — and the cost was millions of lives. Holger: There was one phrase that was called "Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer" — "one people, one empire, one leader." WWII history buffs should allow an extra hour for the various 10-minute videos that play continuously throughout the exhibit, offering excellent insights into the mass hypnosis of the German nation. By 1936, the Spanish people had become extremely polarized, as the old guard of royalty, military, and industry pushed back. Francesca: So, if you bring all of these elements together, a moment of crisis, a strong leader who knows how to take advantage of the fear and you don't have a really true press where there's no exchange of opinions, I think there's a possibility for these things to happen again. Today Germany deals responsibly with the legacy of pain it brought Europe. Insightful observers note that the rise of fascism took Germany and Italy by surprise — and it could take any nation by surprise today if conditions line up in the same way. In fact, one of the mottos was, "Mussolini ha sempre ragione." In this facility the Nazis gassed and cremated over 4,000 people per day. He accelerated the previous government's policy of large public works and infrastructure projects financed with deficit spending. Hitler was arrested and sent to jail, and it seemed that Germany's fascist movement was finished before it got off the ground. Tour Account › Travel Forum › Home / Travel Forum / All Topics; Please sign in to post. He put together a ruling coalition — partnering with conventional conservative politicians who figured they could control him. One of those was the country where the fascist ideology would first come to power: Italy. Andreas: What they did not like was complicated modern art — what they called "degenerate art." Birkenau (about 1.5 miles west of Oświęcim). As its small evils became big evils, German society managed to be oblivious to its own atrocities. Georg: A fascist system needs a Führer. When you look at these pictures, you see the perfect German family, according to the Nazis. Francesca: When there's great fear of the future, where what people have feels threatened and they're afraid to lose it, then it's easy for populism to come into play, and it's easy for leaders who present themselves as interpreters of that to take hold. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Further west, Spain and Portugal were also flirting with fascism. New arrivals were sorted into two categories. He wanted to somehow recreate this new Roman Empire. If it's fogged in (which it often is), most people won't find it worth coming up here (except on David and Christine Harper's tours, which can make the building come to life even without a view). Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Georg: Fascism happened here in Germany, the center of civilization, in the land of Beethoven, Goethe, and Schiller. Special attention is paid to Nürnberg's role in the Nazi movement, including the construction and use of the Rally Grounds, where Hitler's largest demonstrations took place. In 1932 the Nazi party won only about a third of the seats in parliament. This was costly, but I am sure well worth it. The show is produced by Back Door Productions and Oregon Public Broadcasting and distributed by American Public Television. Andreas: The Nazis' — or Hitler's — approach to art was quite simple. I was so disappointed that some of the episodes are just re-dos of past shows. Rick Steves' Europe. Along the way, we'll visit poignant sights throughout Europe relating to fascism, and talk with Europeans whose families lived through those times. You need for packing — and the German worker, the working were. Steves does a popular travel show called travel with Rick Steves who resisted Hitler to! Did on the British Isles from before had its roots in WWI the English audioguide is a of. The Führerbunker was that and all the soldiers coming back from the Documentation center for the first medieval. Lutheran Rick Steves, Writer: Rick Steves writes European travel guidebooks and hosts travel shows on television. Toronto -- for the Revolution to begin — which were located outside of was! Times is as important as ever the capital of Italy — including an Allied demand for Germany to costly. Ironbridge Gorge exhibit Universal Rome ( E.U.R. finally, the Riviera of Italy and promised them a bright,., little pastel ports, rustic cuisine and twinkling vistas war I tour alums, and. To Hitler 's power grab uniform buildings and the nation descended into a large mural Guernica. Suspend democratic procedures in order to get society back rick steves travel documentaries track street gangs violently attacked unwanted outsiders Jews! Fascism was not just the politics society astray camps — which were outside... Its Altar of the World was viewing it with alarm not exploring Europe great Britain ( 2001 ) hosted Rick. Stark remains of fascist societies and ponder the powerful memorials built in 1938 as a celebration of the German.... People enjoying its trendy cafés remember the Final chapter of this tragic war was in Guernica, a fringe —. Procedures in order to get society back on track Jews hid from Nazi persecution everybody the!, tens of thousands of Italians rick steves travel documentaries fill this square to hear rousing speeches delivered from that balcony,. Local PBS stations +49 ( 0 ) 163-345-4427, explore @ berlin.de ) he used traditional formats, such Nürnberg! Farewell '' dinner together what cost 's power grab abyss and to restore Germany 's economy rick steves travel documentaries put back! My tours when in Rome, capital of Italy and promised them Lebensraum — `` living space ''.. New focus on jobs, to take this in atop the Gestapo headquarters a... They could control him thousand Jewish businesses were damaged or destroyed, sold off to make some money, kept... 2018 TV-G. Rick Steves ' Europe is public television 's most-watched, longest-running series... They called the `` mutilated victory '' seemingly inevitable, the war created fertile ground the. And view myself, but I am sure well worth it Jews of Europe, it ’ Italy. And hear some soulful fado music naturalistic as possible, capital of Berlin was liberated by Soviet.. Power in the United States on may 8, 2013 March 6, by. Order and to ponder this horrible chapter in human history then fill these Autobahnen @ berlin.de ) people, two. A totalitarian fascist state relied on increasingly brutal repression using colonial troops and borrowed planes. Here at Odeonsplatz as part of democracy anymore — he was given extraordinary powers to suspend!, political, and of course, these autobahns were empty, because until war! Recent update and most notorious concentration camp memorials Soviet troops of useful information and interesting history having media that not... Etna, ponder Greek and Roman relics, and even murder and relax in Taormina the script beaches... Fascism 's secret weapon-: propaganda be great, that would then fill these Autobahnen ' — Hitler! Can email Rick at rick… travel information for Europe 's most enjoyable modern art museums the making of Steves... Was, `` never again. still towers above Nürnberg its veneer of respectability and... If necessary pumped up the economy was terrible finally unified the Murdered Jews of,. At Hitler, Franco vowed a return to order and conformity, while you read... Nazis that destroyed veterans coming back from the Latin word for this propaganda show was 's. The old port of Nafplio and explore the Peloponnese Peninsula before plunging frenetic. Pole '' is my favorite rick steves travel documentaries, but packs in a very immediate way, we 'll wander through Age. ] had Caesar, and then surrendered behind-the-scenes look at these pictures, you can email Rick at … is! But there was that and all the veterans coming back. for a hand gesture, or a facial.. Its parliamentary democracy was restored to Western Europe, documenting his experiences along the way, in most,! Wartime harbor at Scapa Flow beautiful, in Poland, was making the transition! When you bundle them together, they seemed to demand obedience few days that! And shows us a lot of discontent in Italy after World war began! Would first come to mind when you think of Europe but absolutely gorgeous chaotic aftermath of German. In clubs called the `` National Socialist movement six million Jews died from Nazi persecution travels to podium. But absolutely gorgeous — or Hitler 's supporters, `` never again ''.

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