Meanwhile, sporadic dumping sees producers dispose of excess supplies by briefly reducing their goods’ prices. Buying goods at low prices abroad and selling at higher prices locally: B. Dumping is the sale of a good abroad at a cheaper price than what the good is sold for in the producer's domestic market. ." Anti-dumping measures. Predatory dumping is also known as intermittent dumping. C. may be part of a nation's strategy to rectify its trade deficit. ekon. This ailment earned the title dumping syndrome, and suffering patients would feel nauseated, clammy, and sweaty.. You: On … That's when countries take more extreme measures. However, it can also destroy the local market of the importing country, which can result in layoffs and closure of businesses. Dumping was actually a positive good, not only because it provided a stimulus to such firms to reform their ways, ... inasmuch as the loss incurred by dumping abroad is in no comparison to the losses which would be incurred if production were reduced at home. dumping: Present participle of dump. D U M P I N G 2. surplus goods abroad at a lower price began to be used more frequently.15 British industrialists protested dumping from German and French manufacturers, while Canadian millers grumbled about the dumping of American steel.16 While accusations of dumping … polityka polegająca na sprzedaży swoich produktów za granicę po cenach niższych niż na rynku krajowym lub po cenach niższych od kosztów ich wytworzenia .