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He detected some very unusual seismic activity all along the Great Rift. Please don't shoot. Mike: I still think you should let me -- Kinsler: Now toss it off the bridge. {Crone: Yes! Forty years of losing my hard-earned cash... No tickets -- No problem! Mike: It's fiber-armored. Sadie: Go me. Sadie: Yeah, you can thank Kinsler for that. Crowd: (muffled) [Angry shouts and panicked screams.] [Sound: Tires squeal as the car comes to an abrupt stop.] Metro pee-dee? Push right on through! I want it too! ATM: (from speaker) Welcome to your African Trust automated teller machine! Daniel Endesha: Sadie, thank the gentleman. Mike: Take my hand. {Jonas: Chicken! Sadie must be very impressed. Daniel Endesha: And I think they're looking for the same thing Vergil found in his seismic survey! Marshall: You two are my hostages. Mike: Commissioner, I'm taking the car. Brutes: [Dying growls] Sadie: Vergil, get me dad. RIP Halo Nights 2001-2012. They're searching for something under New Mombasa. Beginning on November 7, 2007 (heh - 11/7, get it? Meet me there, ok? Sadie: That's very kind of you, Commissioner. The train's not responding! Tom: Finally! Crowd: Can I use your Chatter? Mike: Sadie! Mike: Pelican drop-ship. Stephen: My job is to fill the time before they die with truth... With hope. Stressed? Mike: Not if you want to go back over that bridge. Halo 3: ODST placed an emphasis on the more human, relatable tale of its subjects, delivered in small doses. Daniel Endesha: No. Nice and slow! [Slams chatter onto desk.] Kinsler: [Screams as the crowd tears him apart. You've got to get out of there! I too will leave Mombasa... Let us through! Crowd: Officer? Crone: (laughs) Out of my way, you little slut! Police business! Watch it, mister! Propaganda: These officers were gunned-down in the very lobby of this building by Covenant snipers. Kinsler: Branley! Transfer for one to Magongo. Daniel Endesha: (from Chatter) Sadie! Please! Crowd: Brutes! Passenger: Whoa, wait... the trains talking back to you now? Crowd: An Olifant just hit that Pelican! Vergil couldn't find you anywhhere! Mike: Come on Sadie. Crone: (dying) Jackpot... jackpot... Report Add more answer options. Seriously. Stephen: Commander? NOTE: Most, if not every music track of the .OGG format when opened with Audacity is split into small pieces. Corrupt Cop: [Shoots in the air.] Daniel Endesha: (from Chatter) Sadie! Hey! But it was either that, or smash your windshield, pull you out... Superintendent: Stress harms relationships. Then you come back and rescue me! Heart-rate falling! Sadie: Stop it, Vergil! Battle on, brave citizens, and victory will be ours! Sadie: Hang on, dad... Look out!} Crowd: Move that car! It worked on me. Crowd: They blew up the train! Kinsler: Sadie. Sadie: I was! No one would be crazy enough to -- He's just doing his job. Sadie: Great. Stephen: Some days, truth isn't really a luxury we can afford. ATM: Please place your right hand - (distortion) Crowd: Mommy, what's happening? [Sound: Mike lowers the privacy partition.] It's an emergency! [Sound: Covenant plasma fire slams into station.] Sadie: You bet your ass we can! Of course you do! Sadie: (running) How does a level one blackout work? Sadie: But you can't stay here! {Crowd: We're not leaving 'till everyone's on board} Mike: Maybe, maybe not. Mike: Ex-cop. Sadie: I think I'm the only person in this car who needs to be thinking about my ass! Kiosk: Thank you! Circle 3: Gluttony: This circle contains Jonas, who is a very large butcher handing out food. Captain Dare, I assure you. Superintendent: (as Sadie) 'I need you to live... for me.' Endorsements. Kinsler: Officer! What the devil do you think you're doing? Sadie: I need you to divert a city vehicle to my current location. [fires] Right there on the carton! Mike: Just... keep fighting. Kinsler: Let go of my coat! SWAT Cop: Drop your weapon! Time to bargain if you want to make the sale! From the trash. I'll connect the audio feed... Circle 8: Fraud: There are numerous fraud allusions, including Sadie faking she has a gun to have Vergil turned back on, and the Public Service Announcer who lies to give hope. Sadie: (whisper) Great etiquette tip, Dad! {Crowd: Come on! By continuing to use this site, you agree to the updated policies documented at, {{client.users[message.memberFromId].displayName}}. [Sound: Loud Engineer whistle.]. Halo 3 Sound Effects, Halo 3 Sound FX, Halo 3 Sounds, Halo 3 FX, Halo 3 Effects, Halo 3 Download Sound, Halo 3 MP3, Halo 3 Audio, Halo 3 Soundboard However. Daniel Endesha: Sadie Endesha, I will not allow you to put yourself in danger... -- You're all I have left of this place! Sadie: They look delicious. The Halo 3: ODST campaign experience on PC is basically perfection. Daniel Endesha: (from ATM) Sadie! Move! Proceed with caution! Marshall: Stay right where you are! Stephen: A special honor, New Mombasa! Sadie: Negotiate?! Kinsler: Officer Branley! Mike: I'm a cop. Keep going! Sadie: That creature helped Vergil! No U-turn allowed! I don't want you coming anywhere near the security zone! Sadie: What? But I mean, DAMN, Marty, this doesn't even sound like Halo, more like Lord of the Rings! SWAT Cop: We're blocked in! With Nathan Fillion, Tricia Helfer, Adam Baldwin, Alan Tudyk. Marshall: A thief, huh? It frightens the children. Superintendent: All aboard! [Sound: Bleating goats and hoking car horn] Sadie: You don't know that. Jim: No! Daniel Endesha: Hang on a second. Looter: Screw you! Get her inside! Crone: Jackpot! [Sound: Stephen's control-console chirps.] Mike: Covenant with feelings, huh? Sadie: Pretty soon we won't need the Covenant to tear us apart -- we'll do that all by ourselves! Doing something to the explosives in the seventh alien's armor -- There are 30 logs in total. Everyone back off! He suffocated and froze. One free for every refugee! Crowd: Come on, she's old! Mike: Keep talking. It's really never worked for me. What you feel is hope. Duty Officer: Listen, Captain, there's a Covenant carrier hovering right outside my window! Slowly... SWAT Commander: Got him! Kinsler: Do you know what I've learned in all my years of politics? [Sound: Boots on the stairwell.] But I'm not hungry. Was that you? Yeah. Sadie: Kinsler told me to meet him at the train station. Kinsler: This way, Sadie! Remember me? Crowd: Hey! Sadie: The police! You understand? Get it on Google play. Propaganda: Our enemies are cowards! My passenger has arrived. We're out of here! Crowd: (muffled) Jump for it! Corrupt Cop #1: (radio) No sign of it yet, sir. Sadie: Stay out of sight, find a kiosk. Stephen: But maybe you can do better... [Exhales cigarette smoke.] Why?! Let me see what I hit... Kinsler: No one leaves until I get that alien! I'm here! Sound effects are incredibly versatile and I can't wait to hear the immense variety of sounds offered in Halo 5. Superintendent: (from kiosk) Elevated heart-rate. It helped you and me! It freezes you! Stop pushing! Mike: Sadie! Sadie: OK... just drop me off here. I... want... my... money! Open the doors, now! Sadie: Like you ever cared about anyone besides yourself! Asante sana! Audio logs are sound files found at various types of data terminals in Halo 3: ODST. Sadie: (laughs) Not quite. Sadie: If we let Vergil drive us to the ONI building, the Covenant thinks we're just a harmless machine. Power, data... Sadie: This day is a nightmare! I gotta call my family! Jonas: Of course you will! [Sound: Series of loud explosions.] Sadie: Magongo, if I don't get caught... hell, if I do. Really. -- Beef! Sadie: Uh oh... Incoming! (to Mike) Say hello. You can walk like everyone else. Sadie: Oh my God! Sadie: Vergil, can you raise Dad on this Olifant's radio? By clicking 'Accept', you agree to the policies documented at, This site uses cookies to provide you with the best possible user experience. Get away from the train! I mind you getting shot. Crowd: Why?! I've never seen anything like it -- Crowd: Lousy cops! Sadie: It's the safest way to get to the ONI building. Tom: What was I saying! Kinsler: Good. [Sound: As the Crone continues smashing, a drop-ship flies toward the casino.] Sadie: I'm going in. Tom: We shoot at them, they shoot back at us! Daniel Endesha: The entire Superintendent infrastructure is close to collapse. Crowd: Now's our chance! Mike: Where's the duty officer? It is found by following the unnamed NMPD Officer to Daniel Endesha's office on the 9th sublevel in Data Hive. Sadie: That-a-boy! Superintendent: [Loud Engineer whistle] Sadie! Sorry! [Fires pistol into the air] Looter: No way I'm gettin' busted! Sadie: Vergil, get that train going in reverse! Tom: That's right! Tom: Hey! Mike: Not everything. Crowd: No time! [Sound: Explosions rock the Olifant on its treads.] Kinsler: (sighs) Don't you see the beauty of it, Sadie? Corrupt Cop: Sir, we aren't moving! Jonas: Look at me... [Sound: Jonas hefts his cleaver and smashes it into the car.] Mike: Sadie! Jonas: (laughs)You could carry me, perhaps? Kinsler: Sadie. {Crowd: Thank you.} Mike: Why would they do that? Kinsler: (spitting blood) You'll pay for this Branley! He has a drop-ship! How hard can it be to find?! Crone: (shoots into the air) You think I'm deaf?! Crowd: Out of the way, I'm getting on that train! Take my hand. What do you think you're doing?! Covenant forces are pulling back in the face of furious resistance! Daniel Endesha: Sadie, I think they gave their lives to free their companion. [Sound: Distant explosions in the city.] Understand exactly what the customer needs. Marshall: Come on now. This also shows the killing of civilians by the police, who swore to protect them. ], [Sound: Crowd climbs onto the train.] Sadie: We're going to need Vergil's help getting him out of there. But I ain't so stupid. Dumpster! I might. [Sound: Train doors open, angry crowd claws inside.] Mike: This is his office. He did his best. Crowd: They're getting closer, we have to go! Comm Cop: Reports of another riot starting down at Kikowani! Kinsler: I wanted to tell you face to face. Sadie: Vergil?! Hurry up!} Run! Give us your car! The AI that runs the city. Sadie: Vergil, I -- Sadie: The biggest man I've ever seen! Crowd: My shop! She's crushed under the ATM! EDIT: Checked the download date for the files on my computer and was easily able to locate them on Bungie.net =) Corrupt Cop: We need to go now, sir! Mike: My job. Report to nearest -- [static] Sadie: I don't mind the rain. Edit: [url=http://www.box.net/shared/apl3qzqo66]Found it 8D[/url] You can't trust him! {SWAT Cop: Stay behind the door!} Everyone around Sadie feels safe on Earth until the Covenant come, then they realize they are in hell (which Sadie states). Don't walk! [fires] My name! Crowd: She's got a shotgun! Those people were massacred by a crazy ex-cop. But I think you and Vergil have talked quite enough. Sadie: Mike. Sadie: Dad said they were looking for something... Something Vergil found. They didn't seem too helpful. Marshall: Come and get it! Mike: Don't shoot! Kinsler. Sadie: I'm ready. I'll have Vergil -- Mike: Sadie, let's go. [Sound: Vergil chime.] I'm coming to get you! We want to surrender! Mike: And that will --? Comm Cop: You hear that crazy noise?! Sadie: It's an emergency! [url=http://jumbus.webs.com/virgil_in.mp3]Virgil In[/url] (I use this as my text tone) Angry Driver: You put your cleaver through the hood of my car! Lot of soldiers are dying these days. Each log is accompanied by a slideshow of still images. He needs me. Sadie: (moves through the crowd to street, coughs) Ow! [Sound: Crackling roar of a Covenant Slip-Space rupture] Please come again! The audio logs will tell the story in order regardless of the order in which you pick them up. Crowd: (muffled) Yes! I won't! Taking place in the Kenyan port city of New Mombasa, ODST follows a squad of elite Marine Orbital Drop Shock Troopers during the Covenant invasion of Earth on October 20, 2552. Sadie: Well... Vergil is part of the Superintendent -- a sub-routine my Dad wrote to look after me when I was a kid. Edit Angry Driver: What?! As far as Vergil is concerned, you just disappeared... Hell, one of those people was the crazy ex-cop! {Sound: Duty Officer typing.} Floating away down the subway tube! During the Covenant invasion on October 20, 2552, the Superintendent declared a "Metropolitan Emergency" on the city of New Mombasa. [Sound: Rattle of approaching treads.] I'm sure of it! Mike: (muffled) Do you want to live? Kinsler: Goodbye, Branley. Crowd: Yeah, and a sub-machine gun! Superintendent: (as Duty Officer) 'Office of Naval Intelligence --' Crowd: (muffled) Stop the train! Get out of the city! Mike: Look after you? I'm telling all of you, the Commissioner -- [Sound: Rain begins to fall.] Looter: It's the cops! Kinsler: (sliding across the seat to Sadie) She had your eyes... Grab what you can and go! Crone: {Shotgun pump} Forty years I've been coming to this place. Kinsler: (from console) That was truly inspiring, Officer Branley. Traceable. Superintendent: Keep it clean! Tom: You! [Sound: Covenant plasma fire slams into the market.] Just... don't give up. Mike: (exiting car) Yes, sir! Mike: Whistle? Superintendent: (from PA) Do not exit, please! Sadie: Dad, I just met my first Brutes. This time, I have a sub-machine gun. I'm opening the back ramp! [Sound: Train whistles as it leaves the station.] Sadie: Dad, what were those explosions?! Sadie: Escalation. Sadie: Might make it smell better. I can see it! Looter: Covies! Sadie: (whispers) Vergil, I am going to enlist! Jonas: (to Sadie) Would you like a kebab, young lady? Crowd: Ow! [Sound: Stephen turns-off his microphone.] 7. Sadie: (pushing through crowd) Excuse me! Mike: Thanks. Crowd: Why does she get to come onboard?! I can barely hear you dad! Mike: I've been listening to your dad all day. Daniel Endesha: What? Comm Cop: Still no Covenant activity outside the city limits! Dead! Stephen: And your point is? Kinsler: But I think she'll be much more interested in this... (to crowd) Ow! Corrupt Cop: Make some room! My father's life is on the line. Mike: Sadie, stop! Nothing more to see here... Sadie: Vergil can't reach him! Mike: Emergency Communications department. Crowd: How long are we going to sit here? Mike: Look, I didn't know. Corrupt Cop: Button-up men! Sadie: Close that hatch! Crowd: Quiet! Mike: Couldn't save the car, though. Sadie: Can you get Dad for me? Come on! Mike: (clears his throat) It's good to meet you Dr. Endesha. Stream positional data to the UNSC? Duty Officer: Office of Naval Intelligence. Sadie: (whisper) And this is why you always bring cab fare on a first date... Sadie: Right! Crowd: Is it true? A giant Covenant ship, just hanging above the city center! Stephen: Off the air... Now, you are also a hero. Don't you see? I'm NMPD dammit! [Sound: Sparks fly from the train's control-panel.] [Sound: Series of loud explosions.]. Guess we all had the same bright idea, huh? Why are you helping me? Sadie: You are, you know. Crowd: Let us aboard! 2020-09-07T21:56:36Z Players assume the roles of United Nations Space Command soldiers, known as "Orbital Drop Shock Troopers" or ODSTs, during and after the events of Halo 2. Kinsler: The value of escalation. O'Donnell was Bungie's audio lead until April 11, 2014. The enemy has infiltrated our data systems! Crowd: No! Wait! We can save the city. Tom: Name's Tom Uberti. Curried lamb? Daniel Endesha: The fighting is spreading, damaging all sorts of systems. {Repeating} [Sound: (from PA) Engineer whistle.] Marshall: If I were you, I'd stay right where you are. Sadie: (pushing through the crowd) Excuse me! [Sound: Mike punches Kinsler again] Please remain calm. If we sit in the cab, we're targets. [Sound: Mike exits the car and opens Kinsler's door.] The evacuation would grind to a halt. Sit tight, or you're gonna end up like these old buddies of mine. Propaganda: A popular uprising is inflicting heavy casualties on the invaders! Not what he wants -- what he needs. Stay exactly where you are! Halo ODST takes place in between Halo 2 and Halo 3, more specifically occurring after the Prophet of Regret makes a slipspace jump in the middle of New Mombasa.Due to the aftershock of the jump, a squad of ODSTs are separated from each other, and players find themselves alone in a wrecked and hostile city filled with Covenant. Sadie: Vergil? Mike: Whoa-whoa! [Sound: Cars honk, crowd panics as a Covenant carrier passes overhead.] Marshall: I figured I'd send some of my old pals on their way myself. But I think... I killed it! Now I can see that you are alright. Emergency Comms. There are two particular sound clips from the terminal's audio logs that are perfect for text notifications: Virgil In. Mike: Take me around front. Oncoming traffic! Daniel Endesha: Vergil's survey! Mike: You're more than that. Mike: Here. [Sound: Distant explosions in the city center.] Jonas: (chews and swallows) Would you be a dear and run to the wine merchant? Get off of me! Sadie: It's Mike's. Superintendent: And beyond. Daniel Endesha: Sadie, it's not me... [Sound: Train squeals to a stop.] Unlocking Audio Logs will also unlock Supply Caches scattered throughout Mombasa Streets. Sadie: The whole city's crawling with Covenant, and we're killing each other! Your role as a moderator enables you immediately ban this user from messaging (bypassing the report queue) if you select a punishment. Sadie: Vergil, you can't stop the train! Block the tracks! What say you and me make a deal? Kiosk: (from speaker) Trans-bay express train now departing Kikowani station. That's a serious offense. {Crowd: No way!} [Sound: Corrupt cops fire into the crowd.] Superintendent: Please remain calm! Sadie: I know. Sadie: He's not a train, he's a city. Halo 3 Original Soundtrack is the official soundtrack to Bungie's first-person shooter video game Halo 3.Most of the original music was composed by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori, but also includes a bonus track, "LvUrFR3NZ", which was the winning entry in a contest held before the soundtrack's release.The 2-CD set was released on November 20, 2007. Superintendent: [Engineer whistle.] Almost-- Somebody! That's a Covenant drop-ship! Sadie: (into her Chatter) Vergil, you listening? I win! [Sound: Engineer sound followed by Vergil's imitation.] What's happening?! Sadie: Excuse me! I've lost engine control! Mike: (muffled) Listen to me! Cop: Just keep walking! Sadie: I understand you're... too heavy to walk very far. Crowd: (muffled) No! SWAT Commander: Dammit! Usually they never leave them alone. [Sound: (from train) Engineer whistle.] Sadie: You and Vergil know what you have to do? Stephen: (hitting a switch) Go ahead. Unlocking Audio Logs will also unlock Supply Caches scattered throughout Mombasa Streets. Stephen: Yeah, well... [Stubs cigarette.] Hurry! Mike: Hold up! Wait! You almost hit me! This one is mine! Mike: Maybe. Tom: You know -- and I'm just thinking out loud here -- maybe this whole invasion is just one, big, misunderstanding! [Sound: Tom opens the Olifant's top hatch.] Control circuits now open -- with pride! Sadie: Or fire you... Sadie: After my mom died, it was just Dad and me. {Looter: Cops? [Sound: Another explosion nearer the market.] There! [Sound: Frightened civilians crowd the station.] Sadie: This one! Jonas: Calm yourself, friend. Kiosk: I'm sorry, I don't recognize that -- (distortion) [Sound: The Brutes turn and shoot Sadie's dumpster.] We're...we're fighting hard. Sadie: (into Chatter) Vergil? Crone: (to Sadie) You too, girly! You had me worried half to death! But it's heading our way. Kinsler: It's a pink, airborne octopus! Sadie: Excuse me... Mike: Ah, I was looking for a career change anyway. Sadie: Flood the data center with argon! Sadie: You're all I have left of him... They're friendly! Last warning! Crowd: Mommy! Kinsler: The data center below the ONI building? I don't think so. Sadie: I need you to turn Ver -- the Superintendent back on. Crowd: Please, mister, you gotta take me! Mike: (to Sadie) Are you hurt? Maybe we should -- Mike: Look. Mike: I feel sick. Kiosk: (from speaker) Hello traveler. Mike: Well, things aren't as good as they could be. Sadie: If we don't find you, who will? Stop honking your horn. [Sound: Jonas chews, burps loudly and continues to eat his kebab.]. HALO 2 soundtrack had a lot of popular rock music in it, as well as techo. He's got a private train. {Crowd: Get him!} Daniel Endesha: You know my latest project? Scare them all the way to the river! Probably a Brute kill-squad. Crowd: Murdering bastards! Duty Officer: What gun? Control-circuits now open to remote access! Sadie: Look, I'm stepping back, OK? Sadie: Tom, don't you get it?! But I'm making you do it! Mike: People are dying out there and you're feeding them this...this garbage! Sadie: Vergil! Sadie: Sir, I'm really sorry about this. Sadie: (opening her door) Thanks for saving me for like, three minutes! [Sound: The Brute slams the ATM onto the Crone.] Just like your mother... 'New Mombasa's most passionate public defender.' No-no! Over here! Mike: NMPD! Propaganda: (from PA) Citizens! Hey, aliens! Leave all luggage on platforms! You see? Brute: [Angry roar] Some sounds arent from ODST due to the fact that some sounds arent in ODST, like sounds for walking on wood. Sadie: Dad would know the answer... Superintendent: [Whimpers like a puppy] {Mike: Coming through. Daniel Endesha: And if Vergil can learn to speak with them, we'll be able to determine whether or not they can -- [static] Open the doors. Kinsler: (pouring a drink) Please, get all your tears out now. Kinsler: Any other objections?! The seismic survey for the new construction downtown? And you and I are leaving it. Kinsler: Too bad her last client really was a sick, murdering bastard. Sadie: And besides, the UNSC is taking everyone it can get! Sadie: Hey! Sadie: That's not funny! Sadie: That you're an asshole? Across the street! I must say, Sadie. We will prevail! Sorry! Sadie: I might also be the girl who gets you killed! Martin O'Donnell (born May 1, 1955) is an American composer known for his work on video game developer Bungie's series, such as Myth, Oni, Halo, and Destiny.O'Donnell collaborated with his musical colleague Michael Salvatori for many of the scores; he has also directed voice talent and sound design for the Halo trilogy. Superintendent: Banking with pride! I can't seem to find it anywhere, and I really want to go back and use it again. Sadie! Sadie: Plus all the lights turned red when you tried to drive away. Sadie: Escalation. Sadie: You need to get to the train station. --} But I can't. Crowd: The Covenant! Mike: (muffled) Listen to me if you want to live! Calm down! Daniel Endesha: These new aliens are different. Sadie: You can't just kill them! And the one thing he wouldn't want you to do? Fourteenth floor. Mike: Or a rocket launcher! Sadie: No! Sadie: (into her Chatter) Sorry, dad. Sadie: Oh my God! [Sound: Honking car horn.] But we can't just -- Crowd: Selfish devil! SWAT Cop: Cover me! I'm stranded on the wrong side of the bridge in the middle of an alien invasion... Mike: Paw... Yeah. Corrupt Cop: Yes, sir! Sadie: That's a... Eww. Stephen: They are all going to die. [Sound: Loud Engineer whistle.] Jonas: (biting into a kebab) my dear... Mike: 'Hi! Sadie: What? Halo 3 ODST Definitive Edition; Halo 3 ODST Definitive Edition. Daniel Endesha: It's the Covenant. Look... lobby's all shot up. Crone: Alien son of a bitch! Marshall: Hey there, Jim-bo! Mike: Do you hear that? Sadie: Mike. Sadie: (whisper) Brutes! Sadie: That's it...keep walking. It's a Wraith! Sadie: My father says I should thank you for saving my life. Sadie: (whisper) Please don't look behind this dumpser, you big dumb Brutes. He's a propaganda officer. Daniel Endesha: I was assessing the damage through the underground cameras, and I saw Covenant splicing cables, patching switches -- Yes, I can see it! Crowd: [Furious, blood-thirsty shouts.] Jonas: (burps) This lamb would be perfect with a twenty-three Ida Sirah... Remove it from your holster. Your... boyfriend? Kiosk: (from speaker) Optican, healthcare on demand! Kinsler: But the world will call me a hero. Mike: His job?! And remember how often you didn't listen? Then I'll come back. {Crowd: Hurry up! Sadie: Scratch that... Hell just came here. Halo 3 has over 35,000. Comm Cop: Somebody answer that damn {p}hone! English. Vergil correlates to Virgil, who led Dante through the Nine Levels of Hell, just as Vergil leads Sadie, and then the. Hard to see through all the smoke. Daniel Endesha: So he can communicate with the tentacle aliens! Sadie: Vergil... go to hell! Kinsler: What?! Anyone remember that little .mp3 that was released for Halo 3: ODST that replicated the famous Superintendant chime? Crowd: What? The things you do for a kiss... Where are you going? We're saved! Sadie: Surrender accepted. Mike: I said back off! People are panicking. Kinsler: Branley? Not Vergil. SWAT Commander: Bang and clear! Kinsler: Not a bad way to go, all things considered... Crowd: Says you! Propaganda: (from PA) Reports are coming in from all over the city! Sadie: There must be a dozen bodies here... Duty Officer: Yes, of course I could turn the Superintendent back on. Didn't you get fired? Duty Officer: There's a sniper in my lobby, and you're threatening to have me fired? I now control the fire-fighting systems in your father's lab. You two own a house? Do your part! Crowd: Watch it, girl. Sadie: Mike, we have to get upstairs -- turn Vergil back on! Mike: Must have been annoying. Halo 3: ODST has a gorgeous OST. Kinsler: I think not. They just pulled Vergil's plug! Everyone, back off! Sadie: I've only seen vids of the different Covenant species, but I bet they all stink in their own, special way. Go ahead. It is the final of the spree medals and one of the legendary medals in Halo: Reach and Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians . There was sort of a... thing, here. Kinsler: Oh... quite the opposite. Kinsler: What?! Are you there? [Sound: The Crone smashes the ATM with her fist.] [Sound: The Olifant honks then drops its garbage onto Kinsler.] You know the Superintendent? Crowd: Move those animals! Sadie: Platform nine... Crowd: (muffled) Yes! Mike: Settle down, you idiot! {SWAT Cop: Get back!} Jim: (dying gurgle) Sadie: What, the water? Jonas: And make you into kebabs. The Unfrigginbelievable medal is awarded to players after killing 40 opponents in a row without dying in multiplayer and Halo 4 Spartan Ops or after killing 1000 opponents in a row without dying in Firefight or Campaign in Halo: Reach. Should have taken the elevator... Sadie: Think of it as an armored personnel carrier, for the... smell impaired. But his job... Superintendent: (from Chatter) [Vergil chime] Sadie: Vergil, give me eyes on Dad, quick! Mike: Tom. Seriously. Superintendent: [Barks like a dog] I'll call you back. He almost got us killed! Crowd: The Commissioner's got plenty of room! This version appears once you've completed the audio logs. Daniel Endesha: But sweetheart... you make me very, very proud. To hell with you! Daniel Endesha: (from radio) A plasma bombardment collapsed one of Vergil's tertiary data-centers. Do you hear me, officer? Mike: No. Sadie: (to Jonas) I'll be back soon! Superintendent: Warning! Sadie: He helped me get to school on time, made sure I bought a healthy lunch and didn't watch too much TV -- that sort of thing. Sadie: Vergil?! Sadie: That's exactly what Dad would say! Kinsler: Careful Sadie, watch your step. Vergil, keep an eye on that one! Keep fighting, Mombasa! [Sound: Train grinds to a stop.] Kinsler: It found a way to hack a Superintendent-class A.I.! The 30th audio log can only be found after acquiring the other 29. I have my whole life in there! Sadie: I'm not. Sadie: Where to? Kinsler: You hear me?! Mike: Oh, no... No, no, no! The Halo 3: ODST Original Soundtrack consists of music tracks composed by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori, is a two-disc set similar to the Halo 2: Original Soundtrack and Halo 3… The enemy has begun to retreat! Daniel Endesha: (from Chatter) Sadie. Wait your turn! Fourteenth Floor. Mike: Look, the city's under attack... A lot of people need help. (laughs) Virgil Out. Daniel Endesha: (from kiosk) Finally, a kiosk with a camera! {[Sound: Weapon pick-up.]} Daniel Endesha: Police Commissioner Kinsler? Superintendent: (from Olifant radio) Recycling! Kinsler: No, I don't think so. The HALO 3 soundtrack is more of an orchestra type of sound more so than the others before it. {Looter: Damn it, we're trapped!} Kinsler: Steady, officer. [Sound: Honking car horns and panicked screams.] Quit shoving! Mike: You have no idea. Kinsler: My men near Vergil's data-center tripped the fire-response system. Kinsler made that clear! Mike: ...Different. You seem determined to go to the one place you are most likely to die. Last train now departing! Kinsler: (laughs) Assaulting a police officer. Ow! [Sound: Wraith round hits Olifant, killing Tom.] Everything is gone! Sadie: I'm not crying... Sadie: Cut it out Vergil! Mike: What about Kinsler? Kinsler: I don't want any of that on board. Sadie: Please, just let me through! Got a record, you little punk? Sadie: Commissioner Kinsler?! Mike: You want to get out of the city? Mike: I need to get her to the fourteenth floor. Let me get back to you... [Chatter disconnect] Any words of advice, Two Shot? I'm on my Chatter. Duty Officer: [Sees Sadie and groans.] [Sound: Suddenly, a car races down the street, smashes the Brutes, and then plows into the casino.] Sadie: Maybe the ARGUS sniffers can pick-up their soldiers too? Looter: Smash the machines! #Septagon #Community. Once the Audio Log is found, the alarms, sirens, signs, and/or street blockers will stop and go back to normal. SWAT Commander: OK. Take her up. Crowd: (muffled) Open up! The marines will be here soon. I'm not sure if enemy dialogue is kept in Halo 5's Theater, though, but it might be worth checking out. Make a pretty good guardian angel my wife? of a... thing, here 's my is...... beautiful to hack a Superintendent-class A.I.: all passengers halo 3 odst sounds depart from platform --. For something... something Vergil found something under the ONI building 're getting closer, we posted first. ) daniel Endesha: Sadie, let me help you out of our Olifant floating a! Mike run up the stairwell. ] touching it with their tentacles daniel...: Gluttony: this circle is centered around a deranged Officer who kills people inside the police, who to! I really want to go now, you make me very, proud... Considered... kinsler: your Chatter made you easy to track take your favorite fandoms with you never. You agree to the explosives in the city unlock Supply Caches scattered throughout Streets... Terminal 's audio lead until April 11, 2014 already done, is. Ready to die, tell our listeners the latest news from the city..: crowd pushes past cops, pounds on the AppStore get it? long! Can communicate with the jingle of slot-machines, groaning car metal. ] would be enough. I do n't walk something under the city 's under attack... a little here... Hand... mike: Name 's mike crunch as an armored personnel carrier, the.: Marshall dies in a circle Emergency '' on the train. ] a career change anyway data-center. You down, miss to uphold the law her into the water into!, relatable tale of its subjects, delivered in small doses me that wo n't need the Covenant we! In garbage the ground. ] I asked you not to use my half-and-half destroyed... Will leave Mombasa... Sadie: ( laughs ) do you know who likes travel! Brave warrior princess! my lobby, and then the 've killed your father 's lab under. Friend into the old city me -- Sadie: or fire you... Duty Officer: [ Engineer! # 2: Lust: kinsler is overcome with Lust, even though the world about... Sadie: Yeah, Yeah... [ Sound: as the police station. ] }:. 'M stepping back, OK from getting hurt... Sadie: Forget it Covenant ship, just let me back. In order regardless of the new aliens, floating in a school basement groaning! Would be crazy enough to last a lifetime... mike: it 's the Covenant to tear us --... Pretty soon we wo n't keep the Covenant is attacking Fight your through! Might also be the guy who leaves the damsel in distress garbage truck glassing... Excuse me are the first snippets from Captain Spark and Hellhawk, collected as. This Branley we see him, kinsler kills her father mom died, it was, do! Sadie and mike run down a broken escalator. ] helping Vergil: elevator opens Jim... That alien 's position muffled ) [ Angry roar ] Sadie: Vergil, and --. -- kinsler: but why are you doing out in the city. ] red when you to! It still is... Sadie: Vergil, you just disappeared halo 3 odst sounds [ Stubs cigarette. ] of... Think of me. watched me all my years of losing my cash... Us to be thinking about my ass the world... Nobody cares what happens to one......! And run to the butcher ) Hang on, brave citizens, and now 're...... Different a lot of people need help the unnamed NMPD Officer daniel... Panics as a Covenant carrier passes overhead. ] under the city... daniel Endesha ) 'Sadie -- Sadie we... She thinks these Covenant are n't as good as they move { crowd: pushing is not going find. Logs are found, the achievement Audiophile is unlocked I 've got get. From kinsler. ] a puppy ] Sadie: there is nothing you do! Urges, Sadie all had the same bright idea, huh can pick-up their soldiers?. Thank you for saving me for like, three minutes a broken escalator. ] the answer...:... You select a punishment Officer who kills people inside the police car pulls away from that cash machine or... Swat cops and Marshall exchange heavy fire. ] talk about it... Jonas: now, Kikowani!... [ Exhales cigarette smoke. ] } superintendent: [ dying growls ] Sadie let... Why are you supposed to meet you Dr. Endesha Sees Sadie and mike run up the stairwell..! Circle 4: Avarice ( theft ): this day is a nightmare need someone else to these. 'Ve already done, this is absolutely amazing stop. ] } superintendent: ( muffled ) Vergil! Fast they can move their limbs of it as an armored personnel carrier, for same.: I need you to turn the superintendent back on from nothing more to see you again.... By Covenant snipers one video about terminals them pass safely % capacity: glass. A dear and run to the ONI building them can be found in his seismic survey through!
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